May 6, 2007

A Cinco De Meow Mayo

Ayyyy cat carumba! My first Cinco De Mayo and your first 05/06/07 and odds are against all of us that even we cats with 9 lives will not live to see another one of these dates.

Hope you enjoyed your nonCATastrophic weekend while I was revving up my paws to learn latin dancing in hopes I could be in San Fran's Cinco De Mayo parade - a PURRrrrrrfect San Fran experience! Here I am learning a 2-Step Samba move (Reminder: they do it on Dancing With The Stars and if Heather can dance, so can this Italian Kitty as I've got 4 legs.)

Laugh if you may but my paws are doin' the Achy Breaky On Your Back Break a Bit Dance ala Billy Ray!

Catzowey - I'm catnapping in between dance lessons with my PURRfect partner, Loretta Lobster. It's exhausticating! And she has physical challenges too, but she follows my paws well so on to another week of mighty meowster antics. Wishing you a PURRfect week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian KittyPublish

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