May 24, 2010

John Wayne, Queen Mary & Me?

Undoubtacaticaly, youza purrrobably wondering what da heckticat Mary da Queen of Scots, Me and the True Grit dude John Wayne got in common. FURstly, da royal gal and Me izza about 250 years of catnaps apart, da cowboy wazza making da mewvees a Millennium before I even arrived AND weeza three izza ALL born on  exacticatically the same May 26th!

This week I'ma turning a fabuloso 4 and I wanna share with youza, some of my favorito meowments over the past 48 months, so get comfy with da giganticat  double Catpuccino or a glass of Cabercat Savignon (depending what Time Zone youza catnaps in) - just get comfy as we goes back into the historicatical times of my life.

Yep this izza me, the smitten kitten at 61 days yungun - later I  grew into my ears!

Early on, me and myself wazza the Envirocat purrtecting our Planet and monitoring paper use.

Yes I'ma EyeTailYun and wazza born with the adorashun fur Pizza Meowgarita at an early age

Suddenly I turned 2 and discovered itza good to purrtect the brightly deezined gifty boxes thatza holding something terrificat!

Befure I knew it, I wazza turning 3 and opticatted to catnap instead of hosting da pawty and getting all exhausticatted like when I was just 2.

NOWZA I'ma turning 4 and thizza book sez it all ... yep uh huh age duzn't matter not fur a meowment so dream on and enjoy every purrfecto day! Didja know that since yur last birthday youza purrobably had about 1,460 dreams? Catzowey!!! I gotta Quadruple dat cuz I takes abundacatnaps all day and dreams a catzillion times! If youza curious as a cat to know more meowvalous authenticatted Birthday Trivia .. it's here!

Me and myself wishes you and yurza da mostest wonderful and nonCATastrophic week and remember ... age duzn't matter unless you're a cheese! Yep uh huh.....

Ciao &  Meow! 
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 17, 2010

Meet & Greet The Green Organicat Grocer

Vegie-Tables .. yep uh huh the vegies izza everywhere! Under da table and on top of da tables and sometimes rolling along da floor too, and if youza wanna be on top of your veritable vegie selections then youza gotta view da vegies frumza every angle! Datsa how we EyeTailYuns do it so take da vegie viewing advise frum me,   yur green organicat grocer - it's not a show cuz I'ma in the know ... itza da EyeTailYun thing!

When selectacatting your Tomatoes itza impurrtant to get up close to da inside and outside too ... so like smell the stem and where itza  been, and then figure out if da Tomato izza soft or hard....leaning yurself and purrrressing on da Tomato can be fruitful fur shure. OH CATZOWEY and scientificatically speaking, da Tomato is NOT a vegie, but itza Fruit!

"Stand By Yur Man" never sounded more purrfecto, cuz my veggies always stands by me and my Man Cat self! See see see, datsa me and my favorito feline Fennel bulb surrounded by my favorito broccolini too. Definicatically itza da EyeTailYun veggies seleckshun dat gets my purr masheen revved up like da Ferrari Car motor.

If yur tomatoes izza not mushy, undoubtacatically youza can lean on them from any pawsative direkshun and youza not gonna hear "Splish Splash My Tomato Izza Taking a Bath".

Repurrting live from da EyeTailYun Iron Cat Kitchen, itza Me and my smitten kitten self wishing you and yurself a nonCATastrophic week filled with abundacat meowalous mewsings and piles of vivacious Vegie-Tables too.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 10, 2010

Momma's Day With Momma & Mio

Momma's Day only comes aroundza once a year and thatza whole lotta catnaps tooza get thru befur da Momma wants to be taken out to SellAbrate da speshule day in May. So I rested uppa uppa and under da sofa too,  all year long, and increased my Credible Cat Line of Credit at da Bank, yep uh huh, I did! Furstly I purrchased this  BeeYouTeeFull orchid of course cursage to SirPrize my Momma - Oh catzowey when sheeza sees me sitting here at da  table in da Furench Ristorante, sheeza gonna faint smackaroni dabzatini, yep faint in front of abundacat Momma's at their table.  When I sez "SirPrize Momma", sheeza purrobably so sirprised she won't remember!  So, I  got da impurrted Catalonia Sardine Smelling Salts just in case mia Momma needs reviving!

Youza knows me and myself izza Envirocat helping to purrtect Momma Earth, so da purrfecto Momma's Day gifty must always be in da fabucatulous Green Organicat Giftie Bag and check this outza - weeza got da wait purrsons  on alert,  cuz they'za hears mia Momma izza arriving soon and theyza looking fur her.

Buon Appetito and letsa enjoy da tasting--I wants da food to be supurrrbo fur mia Momma so my EyeTailYun self izza  checking out da authenticat Furench Croque Meownsieur sammywich with da CalEyeFurKneeYah Organicat greens .... bring on da next dish fur my feline fastidious tastebuds s'il vous plait (Shuksatini!  I'ma cat chatting in Furench cuz weeza not in da Pizzeria ristorante.)

NOWza MEOWza, me and myself  connectacats instacatically with this Eggs Benedictazini with Salmon -oh la la la! I hear this dish meowing meowvaloso hints of fine dining tooza me and myself - yep uh huh itza saying thizza izza da purrfecto dish fur my mia Momma. I'ma curious as a cat to know whooza da purrson named Benedict dat gets this dish in his honor??

Sweet InsPURRashuns await mia Momma when sheeza spoons into this authenticat FURench Creme Brulee - sheeza gonna be saying "OH OO LA LA Guido" all day! Yep uh huh, datsa whatza my momma's gonna say in between da bites of this fabucatulous double creamy Creme Brulee. Dontcha tell nobody that youza sees my paw in da Creme Brulee - youza having a feline fixation meowment purrhaps OR maybe youza gotta take off yur 3D glasses! Pawsatively I sees no paws in da desert... nope I duzn't.
Definicatically Momma deserves da funtasticat Momma's Day Brunch SirPrise  ... Sheeza takes me to my job every other FurEyeDay on a bus and then we boards da famous San Franfuncisco Cable Car (yep weeza hums & strums da Mice-A-Roni-da-San Francisco-Treat Song, along da route). Weeza going to my job at  The ARC senior center in San Franfuncisco where we meets and greets da fabucatulous folks who gotza da Downe Syndrome or Autism or just things - yep uh huh, things and condishuns that youza and mio has too. Weeza all exacticatically da same which is why I luvs my job cuz I feels normal and meowvalous at The ARC.   Rain or shine my Momma gets me to my job and thatza why I took my Momma out fur da speshule Momma Mia Day in The City By The Bay.

CATZOWEY - I'ma wishing youza da mostest fabucatulous week - yep uh huh and make it a nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 3, 2010

Nachural Meowdacine For Fighting Stress

Life is fur shure hecticat these days! Yep uh huh, there's no doubt bout it,  weeza all feeling a mini meowster stressful and that stuff can be putting me, myself and you too into giganticat hiss fits. Those hissy fitties cause da road rages and rages in da grocery store aisle too. But lemme tell youza,  the recipe fur feeling purrky is easy: take 1 of me and 1 of you and smile and immediately datsa da recipe for stress-busting! When weeza got speshule furiends in our lives ittza da bestest nachural meowdacine fur saying arrividerci stress! Even though I gotza da 9 lives, I wanna have abundacat speshule furiends for all my lives cuz that makes me purrzatini and purrs over da martini too!  We got best furiends, new furiends, old furiends, furiends in need, furiends in deed, furiendly takeovers and dontcha furget da furiendly makeovers. 

Furiends can look diffurent but thatza makes the pawsative and 
interesting furiendship! 

Search everywhere with yur eyes wide open cuz youza never knows ....  
yur speshule furiends might be exacticatically in front of you.

Or they may be down down down but still in front of you.

AhTenZeeOhKnee!  YOUza my furiend, so go and have a furiendly nonCATastrophic week! The Cinco de Mayo izza arriving so get creatacative and whip up some furiendly Fishy Tacos datza tacolicious or share a pitcher of Nipgaritas with yur furiends, or invite yur furiends over to catnap in yur Spanish hammock while snoozing in da sun rays! Ole Ole and ay carumbakitty, life is Catzowey!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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