May 26, 2008

Catzowey I'm 2!

Guess who turned 2! It was a supurrrrrrb soiree and my cake was absoluta-kitty cool. 4 Guido Paws UP to Kathleen at  Kathy's Kreative Kakes  for making me feel like I was immortalized on Mount Rushmore. And she got my mighty meowster green eyes PURRfect with incredible edible butter creme!

Now that I'm older, friends gifted me with my first EYEtalian Fine Feline Stogie - vintage catnip style of course -  and I think it was a hit! Knocked me off my paws smack in the middle of my fantabulous feline party.

Exhausta-kitty hardly had enough paw power to open smitten kitten gifts: politicatically correct toys toys and toys, organicat foods for the enviro-cat, my very own Italian molto bene blankie for PURRfect catnaps and kitty books too (do YOU have the NY Times inky dinky book of cat cartoons?). From a cat's eye view, this party was the Cat's meow - and how! So now my large green eyes are at half-mast and I'm slumbering for a week to recharge. Will see you soon while I'm still 2!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

May 18, 2008

Is It Love At First Bite?

We all want to be uber-hugged - I'd preFUR being enraptured by a Venture Catcapalist (these days my dollars are in the litter box so euros make me purr!). But its feline frediculous that my smitten kitten whiskers are in the spell of this lady vampire who seems to find me a hugable attractive-cat - yikes! Ok, Ok, we've a few things in common: our eyes are both lined in black and we can trip the paw fantastic at night which is when we come to life! What's an Italian kitty to do?

Pull out the garlic bulb necklace and cross my paws that it works wonders!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO -The Italian Kitty

May 11, 2008

Is Your Water Cattaminated?

Last week was National Safe Water Week (absolutacatly true!) and this envirocat believes every week we should be attentacative to this issue. Guaranteed you'll have a hiss fit if you're not PURRtected from invisible critters that may be capsized in your water- and I don't mean a toy mouse I've dropped for drowning! So be emphatiCAT about checking your water. Just the other day I rose to the occasion, from a long catnap, to fill my brilliant Brita 'no paws' pitcher: inspectikitty on the job, checking my H2O from the left and right - hey weren't you told to look both ways when your paws crossed the street?

Click on this link and you may have a CATastrophic moment learning about how clean or not is your home faucet water . Whatever you do, get your paws out of the plastic bottled water syndrome - they're clogging and hogging our landfills. Paws gotta dash and I'm off of my enviro-kitty box and heading to my litter box!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

May 4, 2008

CarumbaKitty! It's Cinco De Meow Oh

Nothing finer than a sip of salsa and an organicat farm raised fish taco to wiggle my diverse whiskers! Catzowey! It's May 5th and a pawsatively PURRfect Cinco De Mayo.... and on any day, especially today, everyone loves a fiesta -even Italian kitties celebrate Mexico's Independence - if they'd only had 9 lives like we cats, they'd taken a jumbo siesta catnap and not had to worry!

I'm smitten over Senorina CarumbaKitty .. the short ador-a-cat Mayan Meowster has my ear (actually both of them) and this non-FURocious feline has got the mighty meowster's attention too - now that's historicatical in the making!

Ole Ole - have a fantasticat day! (and maybe some catnip infused Guacamole!)

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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