May 11, 2008

Is Your Water Cattaminated?

Last week was National Safe Water Week (absolutacatly true!) and this envirocat believes every week we should be attentacative to this issue. Guaranteed you'll have a hiss fit if you're not PURRtected from invisible critters that may be capsized in your water- and I don't mean a toy mouse I've dropped for drowning! So be emphatiCAT about checking your water. Just the other day I rose to the occasion, from a long catnap, to fill my brilliant Brita 'no paws' pitcher: inspectikitty on the job, checking my H2O from the left and right - hey weren't you told to look both ways when your paws crossed the street?

Click on this link and you may have a CATastrophic moment learning about how clean or not is your home faucet water . Whatever you do, get your paws out of the plastic bottled water syndrome - they're clogging and hogging our landfills. Paws gotta dash and I'm off of my enviro-kitty box and heading to my litter box!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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