February 11, 2021

Catzowey! I See A Sea of Red Fun In Our Future


                                     Catzowey! Everything isn't just inky dinky pinky!                                             My head sees red this weekend cuz it's Valentines Day                                         & the start of the Lunar MEW Year too!  You can find
                  you  birth year Lunar animal right here - psssst, I'm born in 
                           The Year Of The Dog! Hee Hee Hee - it's true!

                                I'd say lil sis Grappa has her own take on 
                              Valentines Day.
                                  She's born in the Lunar year of the snake!
                               Holy Cannoli! 

  Wowza Meowza!  Getting ready for celebrating  Lunar MEW Year on Friday February 12th, 2021 so got our chop sticks out and ready to play pick up sticks!


 When Me & Myself get finished welcoming in 
the Year of the Ox tomorrow,  then I'll start 
selectacatting my Valentines cards.

      And in between celebrating the Lunar MEW Year and Valentines Day
                    I'm gonna have some Meowy Yeowwwy Catnip!

    Pssst ... I loves putting my 2 lips on red Valentine tulips! 

But they are not, nope NOT healthy for we meowsters!!

         Waaaaaay back before every place got shutted down last year, I would take my Staff on Valentines Day to my job at the senior center.  I'd play with my very special 32 senior pals and they'd make me purr all day. I always gots
dressed up for the Valentines pawty I tossed them.

                                                    Will YOU be my Valentine this year?

Ciao & Meow & Molto Amore!

And I wishes you a nonCATastrophic weekend of fun at home!

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