September 1, 2018

Laboring Away on Labor Day in the USA

CATZOWEY & more CATZOWEY! I think I've been a basket 
case these past weeks AND my mancat self has missed ya

Remember it's September and the sun shines
shiny rays on those who seek
the sunny side of life and that's me for sure!
Always looking to catnap on dat sunny side of
the street even though I'm a City Kitty! Hee Hee!

AND if you can't start your day on the sunny side of the street
well - try having a multi-cat functional fun coffee machine!
PURRRRduces coffee for the Staff and warms my buns!
Totally happy household!

No more monkeying around for me - I'm back
on the job - as an Animal Assisted Therapy man cat
and visiting a friend on FurrrrrEyeDay August 31st.
She's in a San Francisco hospice.  I'm staring at her
cuz she cannot see me no more. But I know staring 
at her helps her understand she's loved to the 
meowximum and I wore my good Tie to visit her.

My "No Monkeying Around TIE" was backwards 
but my friend in hospice didn't notice. 
I just wanted to hunker down here between her
legs - She's a cat lover and I luvs her so so much

YES YES YES  - nothing LESS!
Life is good and I'm smiling looking at needlepoint
an amazing purrrrrson made of me,  your EyeTailYun pal.
How many hours did it takes her special needs self to create
this master cat piece?

Life is good!

I wish you a NonCATastrophic month!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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