December 25, 2011

Spiraling Into The Mew Year

Catzowey! I'm shure youza as exhausticatted as Me & Myself, from all the spiraling Holly Daze cativities.  Now, itza the beginning of the finale final week of 2011 and I'ma stretching my man cat memory to remember the past Holly Daze week and all the speshule memories fur shure.

 I remembers, someone visited me, yep uh huh I knows they did fur shure, and theyza checked their hat into my cat-in-the-hat check room, and left without it!

I remembers when I wasn't taking Holly Dazed catnaps, Me & Myself meeted and greeted abundacat furiends cuz Holly Daze time is dat time to meet and greet in fog, snow or sleet.

I duz remember itza Holly Dazed meowment dat makes my EyeTailYun self blush.

Oh Catzowey I also remembers, purrrverbial organized me, packed my Cwismus packages with stuff I  luv and shipped them off, oopsatini I means shipped my packages to everybody I luvs.

And I remembers on Cwismus Day, Me & Myself got so so so exhausticatted weeza had to pass out and get revived with da impurrted EyeTailYun sardine smelling salts cuz we gotta be wide cat-eyed and a little bushy tailed to ringy dingy ring in the 2012 Mew Year !

Meowvalous cheers to this Mew Year being purrfecto for all and for all having abundacatnaps and hugs galore, and some nice bowls of Pasghetti & Meatballs too. Wishing you a nonCATastrophic finale last week of this Year.

Ciao & Meow! See youza next meowvalous year!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

December 18, 2011

Holly Jolly & By Golly It's That Time!

Deck the halls with boughs of Catnip,
Fa la la la la ...  well that's it!

Tis the Season to be meowvalously jolly,
No I'm not thinking about that Holly by golly.

Fa La La and Ho Ho Ho,
I thinks weeza should be singing "Weeza FOG'd In So Let It Snow!"

I hears da silver & red bells chiming ringy dingy ding dong,
Hey do youza knows a CATZOWEY Christmas Song?

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bells rock,
I wonders what Santy Paws izza putting in my EyeTailYun sock!

It's a fine time to go riding in dat one horse sleigh
But Me & Myself purrfurrs to say....

Buon Natale (datsa EyeTailYun!) & warm jingling jungle bell wishes tooza youza

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty & Staff

December 12, 2011

Top 6 Holly Dazed Faux Paws

Me & Myself has abundacat news bout what NOT to do during the Holly Daze and weeza calls them Faux Paws. Now thatsa not EyeTailYun word, itza FURench meaning "not acceptable to normal social norms."  And what's The #1 Holly Daze Faux Paw?  Do not dress uppa like Santy Paws cuz everyone gonna Ha Ha and not Ho Ho.

#2 Holly Daze Faux Paw:
Dontcha ever try to fill Santy Paws pants!

#3 Holly Daze Faux Paw:
Don't relaxacat and mingle and jingle under yur tree! BUT do fone da emergency folks as fasticat as you can if youza sees Rudolph down on da floor cuz that means heeza needs an organicatnip IV to get him back on track fast!

#4 Holly Daze Faux Paw:
Youza creating a giganticat four paws Faux Paw if youza walks on the dinner guests dinner plate before they arrives! But hey, theyza never knows cuz youza not gonna let dat cat of the bag! 

#5 Holly Daze Faux Paw:
Rearranging yur Cwismus Tree is not a Ho Ho Ho but it is a No No NO! Hey this is no grab bag so leave it as youza sees it.

#6 Holly Daze Faux Paw:
Itza more meowvalous to decorate INSIDE da house cuz these Holly Daze balls gonna fall down on da ground when the wind arrives, and go kaboom and youza gonna cry and have dat Holly Dazed stress attack.

Better than the 12 days of Cwismus, youza got " 6 Holly Daze Faux Paws" infurmayshun. You're on da way to mingling and jingling thru da Holly Daze and angling and dangling! Ooopsatini - speaking of dangling, my one and only favorito fotographer Mark Rogers caught me in a meowment of private junglemania and I only does my nachural poses for Mark cuz he duz no Faux Paws and duzn't make me dress up as Santy Paws. Pssst - if youza has friends in San Franfuncisco Bay Area, a purrfecto doggone great gift is a foto session with Mark Rogers  pet photographer extraordinaire!

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week with no Faux Paws-yep you can do it!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

December 5, 2011

Rocking & Stocking My Tree With Me

There's a reason itza da Season to jingle and mingle all the way down the hall, and with a LaLaLasagna sized colorful ball! Itza da bizziest time of the year, but didja ever stop for a meowment to thinks about how bizzi Santy Paws' workshop is now? Theyza cranking out Silver bells and everything green and red,  faster than the sugar cane catnip-filled fairies can land to dance on my head. But without da Tree youza got nothing to dangle da balls, so you gotta have Tree, lots and lots and lots of Tree and then the "reason for the Season" begins.

 Oh Cwismas Tree, OH Cwismas Tree how will I get to the tippy top of thee?

 Catzowey! This is not a Partridge resting and nesting in a Pear Tree - itza someone branch walking and not talking bout it! Shhhhh, this is a highly purrsonal and well kept secret!

Twinkle twinkles inky dinky star. Puleeze tell me these lights got an end to them, and itza not far.

 Either I'ma shrinking into a smitten kitten size or we got tree ornaments made by the Jolly Green Giant factory. Me & Myself izza feeling dwarfed under my Buon Natale tree, and do you see what I see?

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week. Make it hiss-fit-free , no worrying or scurrying bout where you put dat on-sale wrapping paper youza bought last year! We're gonna skate thru these HollyDazed days together - yep uh huh itza fur shure we'll jingle and mingle, and deck out in our own halls with giganticat Cwismus balls, and some nip and ho ho holly, by golly.
Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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