December 25, 2011

Spiraling Into The Mew Year

Catzowey! I'm shure youza as exhausticatted as Me & Myself, from all the spiraling Holly Daze cativities.  Now, itza the beginning of the finale final week of 2011 and I'ma stretching my man cat memory to remember the past Holly Daze week and all the speshule memories fur shure.

 I remembers, someone visited me, yep uh huh I knows they did fur shure, and theyza checked their hat into my cat-in-the-hat check room, and left without it!

I remembers when I wasn't taking Holly Dazed catnaps, Me & Myself meeted and greeted abundacat furiends cuz Holly Daze time is dat time to meet and greet in fog, snow or sleet.

I duz remember itza Holly Dazed meowment dat makes my EyeTailYun self blush.

Oh Catzowey I also remembers, purrrverbial organized me, packed my Cwismus packages with stuff I  luv and shipped them off, oopsatini I means shipped my packages to everybody I luvs.

And I remembers on Cwismus Day, Me & Myself got so so so exhausticatted weeza had to pass out and get revived with da impurrted EyeTailYun sardine smelling salts cuz we gotta be wide cat-eyed and a little bushy tailed to ringy dingy ring in the 2012 Mew Year !

Meowvalous cheers to this Mew Year being purrfecto for all and for all having abundacatnaps and hugs galore, and some nice bowls of Pasghetti & Meatballs too. Wishing you a nonCATastrophic finale last week of this Year.

Ciao & Meow! See youza next meowvalous year!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Julia Williams said...

Santa's favorite kitteh, huh? I know 3 who would argue with that, but I doubt they could look cuter than u sleeping underneath that proclamation, mol. What is that thing anyway? An outfit...or a blankie?

Happy Mew Year to my favorite Eyetailyun Kitteh!!

Smokie and Gissie said...

Happy Mew Year Guido from your Portuguese/newly Cornish amigos

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I LOVE the "Santa's favorite kitty!!!"


I subscribe to you by email but just started following you two other ways also because I can't view your blog from email for some reason. Now I can read you regularly!

Anonymous said...

Pawsome pics.... even if you're wearing a dress! *giggles*
Happy New Year Guido!

Kimo and Sabi said...

Happy New Year 2011!

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