February 26, 2007

It's Ruby Tuesday on Oscar Sunday

Every kitten needs to prep for The Oscars - who doesn't want to be PURRfect in front of those golden statuettes that look like mighty big and useful scratch posts. So Saturday, Guido went shopping for the right accessories for his date. Miss Hiss Fit and the Italian Stallion were going to trot their feline figures down that red carpet in better than Needless Markup style and Guido wanted his gal to be decked out big time in sparkles. Here he's testing some Czeck crystals.

Shopping isn't easy in the maddening Saturday crowds, so Guido kicked back and did what he does best: took a catnap in the store!

Freshened from a long Union Square catnap, Guido headed to MANIKA Jewelry on Maiden Lane, every big cat's fave where paws can stroke the baubles and whiskers can gleem with joy. He settled on this ravenous Ruby necklace for his Oscar date and hired a big cat body guard to watch the jewels du jour. Hey, Guido is a Present-Purr on Oscar eve and all cams will be upon the mighty Meowster when he presents "Best Supurrting Actor" award.

And who steps out for an Oscar soiree without eating before (those inky dinky petti-paw-fours and sushi tidbits are not fulfilling). Hunkering down on some homemade meatloaf - a true lover of the loaf this guy is - gave him the gusto he needed for Oscar night and signing pawOgraphs!

February 19, 2007

Oh Say Can You See Guido on Prez Day

My allegiance is to my homeland Italia, but am into this President's Day holiday and in lieu of having patriotic poultry or founding fathers fish, I've opted for unFURling our stars and stripes with great gusto - the Guido way.

Mille grazie to all who voted in the Kit Kat Dating Game, and 4-paws up for Olympia the atheleticat. I couldn't keep up with her cardio-cat activities. We kitties had a great date, but next day and barely over my vivacious Valentine, my Italian roving eyes caught a cutie (hey, I'm Italian!). Wrapped my paws around this gal giving her a kitten sized bear hug. Am I getting the reputation as a fickle feline!?

This miss called the shots and floored me and flattened my feline self firmly before I could even turn on my Purr for her! Is it something I said?

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO 'The Italian Kitty'

February 9, 2007

Guido Searches For PURRfect Valentine

Catzowey -everyone needs love, even an Italian Kitty and Guido is seeking a fabulous feline date for February 14th. So we've a kit kat dating contest and you're the judge: meet the girls, all fabulous female felines who are CATfident they'll guarantee Guido has a memorable 1st Valentine's Day with purrs galore while their paws behave.

Kitty Contestant 1 "Cassandra"
A three year old mackerel tabby and San Fran resident (geographicatily desirable-woo hoo!). Cassandra is a frisky health nut (poliCATically and environmentally correct gal) and when not catnapping, indulges in her favorite foods- arugula, frisee and anything else green - only in San Francisco! Her whiskers may frown on Guido's adoration for salame and procciutto but hey, maybe she can teach the wild child about green cuisine, and keep him healthy too while giving him a strong healthy heart to PURR for her on Valentines Day.

Kitty Contestant 2 "Marsha"
We know what's on Marsh's mind-she's got that red bed ready! This gorgeous gal lives at the San Fran SPCA and says she'll eat anything, anywhere and would love to have a younger man in her life (or in her kit kat bed). Marcia says the next best thing to being chosen as Guido's Valentine would be to be adopted from the SPCA.

Kitty Contestant 3 - "Marigold"
Originally from somewhere else, Marigold expresses her longtime goal is to become Signora Guido, caring PURRfectly for the mighty Italian meowster and keeping him in her boudoir tent while kitty carressing him with her full botox-styled lips. A full-figured feline, she claims she'll smother and mother Guido with his favorite Italian foods on Valentines Day. Currently at home at the SF SPCA, she's looking for a life change - maybe a good date too!

Kitty Contestant 4 - "Olympia""
Feisty and in shape, this athetleticat girl is decked out in Valentine red kitty couture - something that could woo Guido. She plans to take him on a cardio adventure for Valentines Day.

Tell us who you think Guido should buy catnip candies for!

February 4, 2007

All Cats On Board!

The Queen Mary 2 has arrived in our City by the Bay, and rumors are abundacat she's got great sun-decks so I'm heading over to the dock for an onboard catnap on an Adirondacat deck chaise. My feline fashion stylist has selected the best of designer-cat shades to keep me incognito in the throngs of passengers.

But how to wear these gizmos???

There is this "Italian Stallion" style, looks dreamy but may not stay on if I frolic with a cute kitten from Catalonia on one of the 7 decks.

PURRfect fit and anchors away!

Ciao & Meow
Guido - "The Global Italian Kitty"

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