March 25, 2020

Pawsatively Getting Our Kitty Paws Through COVID19 Lockdown

Catzowey and MORE Catzowey!
It's my lil sistah Grappa with her N95 mask
but I tells her she's not at the Easter Parade
BUT lil sistah Grappa never ever listens

 Got my N95 Meowster Mask 
and wearing it better than my  lil
sistah Grappa does!

WellAH  LOHA!  I'm feeling shut in 
here in my house 
so putting on my Hawaiian lei to feel
Tropicatical! PURRRtending I'm on 
Bring on my MeowTai please

 Holy Cannoli  my lil Sistah Grappa doesn't
understand the difference in Shelter IN Place

 Lil Sistah Grappa is  bringing out her Yoga Mat on Day 10
so looks like we meowsters gonna do some Downward Dogs
while us and Staff are on Lockdown!

 It's our very 1st time ever going to church and on 
a puter too? Holy Cannoli we are Episcocats but
this is a first for we meowsters.

Good things do come from Shelter IN Place
Great meowvalous NEWS and MEWS 
We has found a neighbor kitty out our window and we
waves our paws all the days to
Miss Kitty - yup good stuff comes from 
Shelter IN Place!

 They says ya gotta stay 6 feet apart -
so we're catnapping with our measuring tape

MEOWVALOUS MEASURING - we are doing it for sure!

 Our Staff went out for a walk cuz Staff is
allowed to do dat  and look at who she meets and greets
and 6 feet distance for sure works for her
in a doggone good way

Stay Safe and Stay IN Touch 
I loves ya abundacatically!


March 8, 2020

It's Time To See A Sea Of Green - Happy Almost St Paddy's Day

Catzowey and Top O' the Morning Catzowey to you too! 
From Me & Myself Guido MacPasta

 My sistah Grappa is getting herself into the Sea O' Green Week festivities 
and she's known as Grappa MacNaughty cuz, well she's a little bit naughty
every day not just St Paddy's Day! 

 Okey dokey it's not so green but I mean to tell ya this cuz well yes its 
kinda true I hear .... leave it to the ladies!

YUP the humans say everybody has a little Irish DNA in them
and I guess my Italian man cat self does too.

It's OK to not just wear the green but have the natural green in your soul! Loving my latest pro photo from my pal of almost 14 years,  Mark Rogers Photography

Ciao and Meow and wishing you a  funtasticat St Paddy's Day week
Make it a NonCatastrophic week & squeeze in a few catnaps!
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

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