January 31, 2021

Meaning To Be Cleaning Out My Abundacat Big Closet


 Catzowey folks!
One giganticat year has passed since we gots into 
Quarry-Teen and there's nothing to do but start
cleaning out my closet of fine feline couture! So here goes and
you are getting an up front super duper close view of what 
I has found in my Man Cat sized cat couture closet.

 Hee Hee Hee! It's not  hanging on a hangar but folded finely
cuz it's the EyeTailYun cat's meow when Columbus Day rolls around.

I'm feeling kinda GIANT ... yup uh huh but opening day in my
City by the Bay not gonna be till April so gonna fold my hat
now then sit on it to keep it PURRRRRessed nice and add some fur for sure.

Holy Cannoli I might belong on the Advent
Calendar in this ho ho ho hat! Phew, it's packed up for
making its December debut.

Do ya wanna have a Spring Fling? 
Easter is gonna arrive someday and Me & Myself gonna
be sitting on chickie eggs I think. Pssssst I hear it's good to go Green!

Happy Hearts Day is just around our corner and we all needs
LOVE LOVE and more LOVE now more than ever, so I found my
inky dinky pinky hat and terrific tie for February 14th.

Crooning and swooning in my Frankie Sinatra tie and hat
makes me purr and they's one of my favorito kitty couture 
outfits in my closet.  Start spreading the news cuz I may be
leaving today for New York New York!

Aloha Ha Ha!
Wanna share a MeowTai with me & myself? 
No way can I fold my lei in my closet!

I'm not forty but I'm sporty in my Golden State
Warriors Tee and I got it folded up nice in my
kitty couture closet for the next bouncing ball game.

Ah Ha!
My hearty party hat!

It's for sure!
Got my own page too ...

Woo hoo we're going into Year 2 of not much to do.
So think about cleaning out dat closet of yours and lemme know
what treasures on hangers or stuffed in a box on top of another box you find!
I'm curious as a cat about YOUR closet!
Abundacat Healthy Hugs,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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