October 24, 2017

A MEOWVALOUS Cat-tastic Halloween For Me

Halloween is almost here and Me & Myself thinks 
we should find my purrrrfecto costume. So here
we go with YOUR help! I kinda likes being
a Ha-ha Hawaiian Tourista!

PURRRhaps I should Trick N' Tweet as a 
Lil devil - I can be a super dooper Lil devil
for sure cuz I'm a sweet EyeTailYun Man Cat
with a lil devilish side.

Let me bite your Sardines! Well isn't that
what Dracucatula said?

Did someone say Johnny Depp is out and I'm IN?
PurrrEyeRats of The Caribbean here I come!

YUP I'm thinking about Trick n' Tweeting as
a World Series Ball Playing pitcher and not gonna let
go of my pitching ball but hoping I get treats in
my ball bag.Whatcha think?

Hmmzatiini I might like to put on my colorful hat and go as a
whatcha think .. it does match my eyes right?

Catzowey! I'm clowning around in town!

Yee Haw !  I'm an Aussie Jackaroo dude rounding
up the Kangaroo Hoo Hoo's!!
Feeling kinda Giddyyupish!  Your vote?

Wishing wonderful meowvalous you the mostest
make it nonCATastrophic!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

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