December 20, 2021

Ho Ho HO & Ha Ha Ha In a Heavenly Meowvalous Way

Ho Ho Ho and Ha Ha Ha-  The Holly Dazed Memories Really Rock
Here we go...down fabtastic meowmory lane

Pawsatively it’s me and Santy Paws! 

Holy Cannoli!
It’s me and My Staff on Cwismus Eve 2010

Dats me as a super duper well behaving Smitten Kitten & 
My lil bro Yolo with our Momma Baci not behaving
HO HO HO and maybe a catOHstrophic HA HA HA

Some of us dudes grow beards at this time of the year
even up in Heaven where we doesn’t have to shave.
There is no heavenly beard cream up here,
only Heavenly Catpuccino Cream.

Cwismus is a good time to reflect on merry ol’ times 
with the merry ol’ jolly guy.

Here’s me and myself meeting Santy Paws 3 years ago at my
job .. yup uh huh my job for 14 years as Animal Assited Therapy guy,
passing out Cwismus cards and gifts from kind folks to special folks.

I loved my 14 years of delivering the gifts 
& cards from all of you to my very Special Senior pals and
I’d dress up in fine feline festive fashion.

It’s me and my Staff with my lil
brofur YOLO in 2008 on our Cwismus card which
had something to do with playing ball, not green & red at all.
We boys were told  “look into dat Camera” so we did!

It's waaay back in 2006!

It’s me at 1 years old on our furry 1st Cwismus card.
Staff is looking so goofy, while momma Baci 
is purrrondering this moment & they’s got me dressed
up as mini meowster elfie!

My Staff and me always dressed up together to 
visit the special seniors at The ARC of San Fran. 
Still makes me purr thinking about our terrificat
Team Guido times...yup uh huh.


    Me & Myself are EyeTailYun and someone nice made me this
     Cwismus Stocking dat I loves so so so much.
    It’s da Boot Of Italy with my name so Santy Paws can fill it
    with Sicilian sardines & cappuccino catnip cookies.

    Merry Meowvalous Cwismas Wishes From me & myself to you!

    I wishes you a nonCatastrophic Holly Daze time. 

    And psssst up here in Heaven I will have my keen cat eyes on ya

    Be safe my friends -  I’m always & furever watching right over ya!


    (dats EyeTailYun for Merry Cwismus) 

    GUIDO the Italian Kitty



    Brian's Home Blog said...

    I'm so glad you popped in for Christmas Guido, those flashbacks were so wonderful. Merry Christmas at the Bridge my friend.

    catladymac said...

    Guido it's so good to see you again - and to be allowed to share in your family memories ! Buon Natale to you all !

    pilch92 said...

    Such sweet photos.

    Brian's Home Blog said...

    Hey Guido, thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop dear Angel.

    Sandee said...

    You're most handsome in every shot down memory lane.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. My best to your mom. ♥

    Kathe W. said...

    Awwww Guido- you are the best!

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