January 4, 2009

New Yearz Remedy: Call A Therapeuticat

While New Years revelers were prancing their paws around town with thoughts of popping bubbly bottles and meeting midnight deadlines, me and my Italian paws  were making an Animal Assisted Therapy visit to someone I didn't even know the whole 364 days of 2008. Donning  my certified "made by Johnny Cat Fursachee" vest, off I went on the last day of the year  to  the purrominent University of California Med Center- feline radar focused to find the serious surgery ward and the speshule terrificat lady who needed a PURRk up!

Lots of catcophony in the elevator when folks stared at me in my Momma's back pack, as I bobbled (nope that's not a doll, that's a breathing moving cat!)   Whatz with the folks who ask "Are you a real cat?" or "Oh my gosh I thought I taw a putty tat!" My meowster self thinks a mannequin has more up above then some of dem!

In true Tony the Tiger fashion (the feline sugar coated flakes dude cat), it was grrrrrrreat to be there and the payshunt lady had brought her cat's blankie to the hospital - see fur yurself in the pics -  it's a SF Giants blanket that belongs to her adoracat meowster, Wilson J Scooter who found me on the 'facebook for felines - CATSTER.com.  Imagine this meowster miracle: Wilson reads about my AAT job on Catster - emails me to visit his momma (they really missed each other for weeks), and the rest is a nice Mew Years miracle story. And they don't even live in San Furfrancisco! The payshunt lady petted me and made me feel so comfurtably catzowey  - that's her and me above. She was having a bad hair day she said.  When the nurse took her blood preshure with a big gizmo machine, it had dropped  - no no no, the gizmo machine didn't drop cuz nurse had it in her paws real good, the lady payshunt's blood preshure dropped! Ahhhh, the power of the paws!

Got home from my job and found little visitors had arrived for the Pawty in the Italian limo - yep uh huh, we got the BuCATi car and painted the town with catnip while our driver purrpondered how to git us to the Kit Kat Klub before the stroke of midnight. Yur wondering if I made a New  Mew Years resolution?  Fur shure, I  purromice to  be exacticatically the same - no meowvalous or catastrophic changes, no hiss fits, just me and my optimisticat self doing what I always do.... starting my day the Guido way!     Happy Meowvalous New Year!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Skeezix the Cat said...

Sounds like a grate way to start yer New Yeer! Have a sooper dooper 2009, Guido!

Blue skies from now on said...

I read about your visit on Scooter J Wilson's page. You did the most wonderful deed and it was SO appreciated. I think Wilson J Scooter and his meowmy-mia are your friends FURever!!
We knew you were cooking up some special adventure on New Year's Eve and were waiting to hear just what it was. You are one rockin' dude.
It warmed our hearts to read about your hospital visit. So happy.

Curly said...

Guido, you started the Mew Year off with a good deed! Way to go! You and your meowmy are a pawesome team!

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