January 11, 2009

Literally a Little Literate & Loving It

Some folks cat chat round the water cooler, others catch up in the litter box  but today I'm talking pawsatively publicly, and about literature - literally I mean, this year I'm cutting back on my catnaps while expandocatting my reading catabilities. My smitten kitten self and me have found some CATZOWEY books which will kick off the new and unglued "Guido's Twitching Tails Book Club". Hey, that Cheekkawgo gal Opurrah has her book club, so why not the eyeTAILyun kitty?

This week me and my pawself has PURRused a good ol' fashioned kidz book, that's undoubtacatically been around for most of my 9 lives plus some others. It's CARL GOES TO DAYCARE, and can you just imagine a robust rottweiller at the kids daycare club when the teacher gets locked outta da classroom and guess who takes care of the kidlettes?? Yep, uh huh, Carl does a doggone great job and it's more than meowster mayhem I'd say!  And there's no catnip in the classroom cupboard, so this story is a au natural real story, not made in Hollywood or feline fiction.

 Remember you and yourself gotta be meowvalously comfy ... like kick back yur paws, sturrrrretch out  in a sun ray and put your reading radar on!

And it's imPURRtant to always love what yur reading, or at least hug yur book. I'm meowvalously enamored with Carl's books cuz he's wearing the eyeTAILyun colors on this book cover "Carl Goes Shopping"!  Oh let's purrponder if Carl dropped into a Johnny Cat Fursocksee Boutique!

Quit catnapping! Cuz "Guido's Twitching Tails Book Club"  is now open for reviews,  mews & amusement (a triple crown winner), so let's paw some pages  and  me and my paws hope the new book club doesn't end up in the litter box!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Anonymous said...

Mio caro amico,here is your Giotto..i LOVE to read,and i'd like to tell you about my favourite writers about cats:Doreen Tovey,an english lady that wrote the most funny,witty,sincere and unforgettable books about us EVER!
I advise everyone to start with "Cats in the Belfry"..you will read all the others after!

Anonymous said...

I also love James Herriot,again an english vet that wrote about his profession in the ealry part of the century,giving such an honest view of the people,the animals and the ethic back then...and his book about stories of cats (his favourite animal)is wonderful!!
Worthed the time,for sure!
Get started and read!
Your milanese friend Giotto

Toulouse said...

Holy Catnip Guido, this is such a pawsome idea! Are we all reading the same book or just reading and sharing with a review? I love Book Clubs cause they encourage mom and me to read! Thumbs up to my Italian friend!

Curly said...

Guido, your blog this week inspired me to open a good book, and then give your blog a plug on MY blog! MOL!

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