July 27, 2014

All In All I Loves My Baseball

Way way so far way back when I wazza yungun and just 1, I discovered I luvs giant fun stuff, like baseball.

Yep uh huh - I recommend sitting UP and not chillaxing in the hammock when you wanna have a meowvalous view of where the baseball rolling to.

 Now let Me & MYself say and convey you don't always have to be pitching that ball cuz youza can put on the speshule giant hat and become the cool catcher! It's a mewovalous pawzishun cuz then youza has a lil window to see dat ball coming atcha.

 When Me & MYself gets exhaustacatted from playing ball, I takes a giant catnap in my deeziner Baseball shirt cuz itza OH so official and guaranteed to make my field of feline dreams come true while I'm shmoozing my snoozing.

Bamzatini I wake up to find Me & MYself been bagged by the umpire!

Cazowey!  Now I'm gonna watch dat giant game with my EyeTailYun eyes wide open so I duzn't miss a meowment of funtasticat plays. Remember, play ball, don't stall and take me out to my ballpark for a doggone hot diggity good dog too (hold the onions  cuz they're not healthy for we anipals!)

Wishing youza nonCATastrophic week

Ciao & Meow,

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Unknown said...

GUido I see you are a fan of the Giants! Great team! Youza is wearing the correct hat too!
Love you pal,
Sugar and Buster

Unknown said...

Guido, We seez you is a fan of the Giants! Great team! We love your hats too and your shirt!
Love you pal,
Sugar and Buster

Lone Star Cats said...

Enjoy your baseball!

Brian's Home Blog said...

We love most things that involve a ball too!

Anonymous said...

The Giants should consider making you an official mascot!

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