June 17, 2007

Lady Catterly's Love Goes Catzowey

CATSCANDALOUS is the movie theme and my smitten kitten ears perked when I heard about the new Lady Chatterly flick being released. And my wild whiskers went on point just thinking about the beautiful aristoCat heroine and the nimble not-so-Tom Kitty-dude in the flick. So what does a mighty maverick meowster do to sooth his woes? Hit the wine bottle - OR did it hit me??

If I'm going to meet the Signorina Catterly, I guess I should brush up and brush my molars but how to get this tube open??

Ah Ha, maybe I need to forego the feline formalities, after all I'm Guido The Italian Kitty. Purrhaps it is big time best if I just act naturally, you know, my paws up and my Catitude at full mast - I'll win her kitten Catterly heart and Catcapture her into my welcoming pawsatively mighty meowster paws.

A Summer tale tip for you: do your catzowey best and give someone a kitty hug!

Ciao and Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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