June 3, 2007

Meowvalous Week Kicking Back The Paws

Recovering from my 1st birthday soiree, it was necessicat that I kicked back this week doing nothing, which is sort of what I normally do, but I managed to do more of nothing in a grander way. Watched Desperate Catwives from my favorite Not-Flicks CATalogue starring Eva Longtailgoria and Billy-Bob Bird. And I caught Pirates of the Caribbean - don't you think those swash buckling dudes look like the Three Mouseketeers .. I mean Musketeers? Johnny Depp has catitude that rocks my paws and has the women Purring too.

Speaking of Desperate Catwives - my new neighbor brought her diva paws over to borrow a cup of catnip. Catzowey, she could use an Extreme Makeover!

Next week I expect to be wound up again and entangled in my multitude of kitten antics.

Ciao & Meow to you,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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