September 20, 2006

Catzowey - Guido Has Gusto

May 26, 2006 - a very fine day in San Francisco when Guido Alberto was born, not as Guido though, but as a peculiarly small striped kitten with no name. Success has its cost and this little rambunctious guy spent his first 60 days of life on the planet, circling a number of foster places all thanks to the San Francisco SPCA. Yo Maddie's Adoption Center on Florida Street as they found this giggly guy at the SF Animal Control, and nurtured him until he was ready for finding a permanent household.

Saturday August 5th rolled around and in rolled his new owner, soon to be known as his Landlord and Banker, who was wooed by his lion sized purr. The rest is history -and Guido is on his adventures - life with gusto!

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