September 24, 2006

Feline Feng Shui

Feline Floral Feng Shui and me - now if my freinds at the SPCA could only see me now! Moving orchid petals is a great sport and puts my Kitty Karma in first gear - as in zooom! And I discovered last week that the vase serves 2 purposes PURRfectly: decor for the home and water fountain for this mini meowster.

With the house in a good state and practicing my petal purrfect talents, I decided to emerge myself in mundane household chores (hey someone has to do the job and I'm low man on the totem poll here) and discovered how to play 'squeezing into the laundry basket', while hoping Momma doesn't see me. AND oh yes folks, this Episcocat crossed my paws while chanting 32 Hail Mother Mary Magnificats that I wouldn't end up in the fluff spin cycle or on deliCat dry mode.


So as you've guessed, my culinary buds are in withdrawal - got the normal Friskies Seafood supper supreme and Kitten Kibbles and not offered any scrambled tarragon eggs for Sunday Brunch nor did I see any purrfect pesto pizza delivered. But alas, I heard catnip is en route from Cincinnati - ahh, the imported nip that I"ve heard so much about. Hmmm - how much more wound up can I get???

Baci is tolerating me and I think I've wooed her. Gosh hope she loves me ... AND I do know she she loves me NOT sometimes! Check out the face Momma kitty is making here - the face of tolerance at almost 11 years young.

I'm jumpingfor joy that this week is over and need to get out of the household chore stuff and back into gourmet caravancery - would prefer jumping for procciuto or cheesy raviolis and if you want to FedEx some gourmet Guido delights, yeah! Being Italian is tough - I need my food fix.

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