April 20, 2009

Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

April izza my favorite month cuzz the sun shines and datsa molto meowvalous furza abundacatnaps AND baseball begins whicha is molto meowvalous furza exercise.  My coach sez to always focus on da ball, so I hold it down good and tight to be shurza I am focusing directicatically on da ball.

Me and myself always wears my baseball  hat to play da game - CATZOWEY it's fantasticat coverage fur the fur (I don'ta wanna those UV's having hiss fits on my EyeTailYun skin)  and at da exacticatically same time,  I can beeza catoflauged too in case I strike out nobody knows itsa me!

When the Ball Park announcer says "Play Ball" ... I do, now if I can justa picka uppa my baseball, I can get it out to the mound and over to da Pitcher dude. I keepsa hearing him say "Guido! Get that ball out here nowsa meowsa"!

Doncha strike out this week, make it a CATZOWEY fantasticat week, and PURRomise me, youza be shurza to get a buncha good catnaps in the April sun rays in between da innings - there's 9 innings you know! OH my oh my - me and my smitten kitten self has just learned baseball has as many innings  as we fantasticat felines have lives! Now eyeza knows PURRcisely why I luvs da baseball game - 9 catnaps in between those 9 innings! Meowvalous, simply meowvalous! Play ball and Paws UP furza my San Franfuncisco Giants!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Skeezix the Cat said...

9 catnaps sownds good! Baseball sownds like a fun game!

Vicki said...

Ka - zar likes the idea of baseball too nine naps during the game. In a game of Aussie rules football you get four naps as there are 4 quarters.

Keep up the great work Guido I love to start my Tuesday the Guido way. It Tuesday by the time I get the Gazette because of the time zone differences.

Curly said...

Hi Guido,
Mommy still remembers going to a baseball game at Candlestick Park with her dad in 1963. She said there was a lady sitting behind her who yelled "C'mon Willie, Let's go!" at the top of her lungs efurry time a certain baseball player got up to bat. Mommy didn't tell me who Willie was...She acted like I was s'posed to know. But she said from that day on, efurry time her dad wanted someone to hurry up and do something, he'd say "C'mon Willie, Let's go!"
I'm confoosed....It must be a San Franciscat thing...

Anonymous said...

WOW,among your so many talent,mio caro amico,there's also being a great baseball player...is there ANYTHING you cannot do,mio Guido???
Il tuo amico Giotto is really admiring you,my furry pal!!
Keep up the good work..and pass some love to Baci and Yolo!

Moses said...


This is the first time I've left a comment on your page. You take some PAWSOME pic's, Bro! You're a true star!!! I don't know which one is better b/c they're all SOOO MEOW-VA-LOUS! Keep up the good work! Oh, and next time, try some CATNIP tea. I know that will be more to your liking. Don't know if your Mom will like it, though.

Moses Joseph

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