April 26, 2009

Better Than An iPod - It's MY Pod

Absoluticatically on my wish list is da "Hepper Pod" - yep uh huh, me and myself has been wanting da Pod fur almost 9 lives now. And now I got My Pod.

Youza gotta knowza my paws and me are traveling da globe all the time fur PURRmoshuns of this and that, and when I'ma home I'm a relaxacat and I likes really molto bene deeezine! (hey, didja ever meet an Italian who wasn't into deezine?) Like believe me and my smitten kitten self when I tellsya, I loves to be comfurtable in a good looking way cuzza I'm a aestheticat!

So me and myself trotted down da beeYOUteeFull Street to my favorite Pet Boutique in all of San Francisco "CHEENGOO" cuz it's doggone catzowey and I met the PURRprietor (she's catzowey pretty too so I gave her a kitty kiss but doncha tell her hubby), then I paid with my MasterCat card and went out da door with my new My Pod, catzowey this is a fantasticatical invenshun. Oh my gosh, it's gotta be frum EyeTailYa cuz my relatives there make the bestest deezines fur everything! My cuzzin is Gianni Cat FurSocksie - now that company is really giganticatically into EyeTailYun deezine.

My Pod is nice and dark inside - itza the way I see youza but youza donta seeza me and it'sa asymmetricatical which is comFURTable too.

My Pod is PURRfect for a diversakitty like my smitten kitten self - I like change abouta every 4 minutes (in EyeTailYun that is quatro minuchee), so wouldn't ya know, I can squish da roof of My Pod down and hope someone comes home soon to pop My Pod back up fur me! I may be waiting a while so I'ma gonna catnap now.

Me and myself wishes you a nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Curly said...

Your new Pod looks like fun, Guido. And REAL mancats can wear pink!

Skeezix the Cat said...

Oh, boy, I've been wishin fur a Hepper Pod fur the longest time, and yoo got one in PINK!!!! SKORE!!! Yoo look grate in it Guido!!!

TLC said...

Oh Guido! You find the coolest things and look adorable in it! Do you think a 16 lb Meezer like myself could fit into that pod? *giggles*
Happy Monday dear friend!

Hugs and Purrs,

Toulouse said...

Sorry Guido, I used the wrong account! Just like me too! *giggles*


LoveOwlz said...

Oh Guido, one of my kittens will also be smitten with this! You've done a lovely job of modeling it. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That Pod would have been ideal for me,the most timid and scared cat of the galaxy!! I would have been so happy to hide in there from everyone!!
Do you know if the deliver to the Bridge?
I'd like a blue one,thank you..
Il tuo amico Giotto

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