November 14, 2011

City Kitty Is Busy

Oh NO, itza not my birthday but everyday is speshule like a birthday so I starts it out in a good pawsative mood. I just purrtend like itza really my happy birthday speshule day. Hey..hooza not happy on their birthday?

First thing in da morning youza always wanna open yur eyes and smell the flowers in the early hours - rev up dat Flower Power.

Once a week I gotta get my cup O' catpuccino at Carmichael Salon cuz itza what gets my whiskers wiggling and stylishly spiffed. It's the purrfecto way to start my day the Guido way, and then I goes for the fluff and stuff treatments by the pros! It's kind of likes ordering the super dooper deluxe detailing on the EyeTailYun Furrari without the wax job.

Me & Myself  always reserves a deep moisturizing Man Cat Fur Wash Treatment and I has a whisker trim too. But youza right if youza thinks I opticatted out of their fine facial waxing treatment cuz CATZOWEY I likes my facial fur for shure!

Exhausticatted after starting my day the Guido way, so kicking back and relaxacatting at "Occupy My House" before I move into the next part of my only-in-San Franfuncisco day. 

Youza thinking you're on HD high caffein or watching 3D TeeVee, right?  Hey going to da salon, early morning hour of flower power and starting my day the Guido way wears Me & Myself out and this is the real us - up close and purrsonal. Psssst - come close so I can share a secret with youza:  if youza curious as a cat to know about my 2-tone lips, theyza nachural and not BowTaxed and my ivories are cavateez free.

Remember in November: No check out lines by shopping right here  at a catzillion online stores, while a portion of your purchases goes to dat animal org of your very own choice! All thanks to Adopt A Shelter and their catzowey caring company! Fur shure theyza all takes MasterCat Card or Ameowican Express, ancient dug up Greek Drachmas and purrobably Euros too.

Wishing youza meowvalous and nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Carolyn said...

Oh Guido!!! You have such a hectic life!!!!! You DO need those naps!!!!! Love you!!!!!

RoySr said...

Great pix. Love the dialog, and I will be back, when, and if, the cats will let me have my keyboard back. They wanna do their next blog now.

We'll be back .....

Julia Williams said...

cute pics as always and your teef look very white!

KatBoxJanitor said...

Definitely a busy man cat! Purrfetto!

meowmeowmans said...

Whew! You DO lead the busy life, Guido!

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