November 28, 2011

Scaling Down With Fishy Feelings

I'ma not cat chatting about Turkey rightovers or Turkey leftovers or Turkey Tettrazinni or Meatballs di Turkey. And there's more in store: Me & Myself izza notta curious as a cat bout how stuffed to the meowximum you are after dat looooong Thanksgiving Day weekend. So what's so fishy about not wanting to cat chat bout Turkey?

Saying ciao Turkey and I'ma scaling down my Man Cat waistline cuz Holly Daze are arriving I hear. Gots my Cat Eyes open and listening to my furiend who says to always get abundacat opinions, not just one, then it's not too fishy.

Holy Cannoli my fishy furiend has steered me directacatically into the deep blue diving land of a family of fishies and I thinks something is really fishy fur shure! Shuksatini, I forgot my Guido Speedo and don't have my immortal Snorkel with me. But itza fur shure, it's better to be fishy and scaling down around town, then to be a Turkey!

Catzowey! Dat looks purrrcisely like my tail!

 Do youza purrponder this fine fishy and Me & Myself got da same DNA and are geneticatically related? Heeza got scales and I gets on da scale; heeza got a tail like mine; heeza likes to flatten out and so do I.  Uh oh, he izza real catfish I thinks!

Me & Myself izza gonna give uppa on fishy fishes tales and pawsatively, yep uh huh it's fur shure, gonna just be a kicked back independacat, cuz itza not as fishy!

Wishing you da mostest meowvalous and nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Curly said...

Guido, that fish looks purrty good after all the Thanksgiving turkey. I wish you luck scaling down your Man Cat waistline...I'm sure you'll look svelte in no time at all.

Julia Williams said...

I love your little fishy6 friend!! Me n myself has been eatin' Turkey Tetrazinni and turkey sammiches for 4 days and I have had enough. No more turkey anything for a long, long time!

ejckittylove said...


whaat happened 2 my "comment"???
no matter!! we said it once, but it bears repeating!!!!
SALMON!!!!! SALMON!!!!! Delicately seasoned, furreshly grilled, served on a bed of linguini with furresh herbs and olive oil!!!!!! Uhhuh !!! we can smell it!! NO FISHY FISH!!! JUST GREAT EATS!!!! (yumm!!)

GUIDO!!! You are simply stunning in your pics!! you make my blue eyes twinkle with that wonderful He-man, but 'I takes care of mahself well!' cattitude!! Refurreshing to see it!!

Thank you for providing us with a "think out of the box" point of view every Monday!! YOU iz da one thatWE is GRATEFUL for!! Happy ventures!

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