July 1, 2007

Patrioticat Revs Up For July 4th

I'm an Italian Kitty, but hey folks - I live in and love my USA and Catzowey and I'm independent for sure, so I want to partake in Independence Day. It's my first 4th of July so I'll celebrate it to the maxi PURRfect powers possible. Amazing - this year everything is a Feline First for me, so let's get on with the warm up for creating a nonCATastrophic 4th of July. Paws in motion and here we go...

To get into the mighty festive meowster mode, a nip of vintage catnip is on my list of things to do (well, just a little more than a big paw full). Then I indulged in a bowl of Spain's finest Catalonian olives and then played "pop the Champagne bubble " for hours and
I've definitely got a kitten buzz now!

Where did my flag go to?

OK, it's your guess: have I passed out or am I'm having an olive feline facial. It's a catatonic moment...

And what's the end result? An epicureous purrfectly Patrioticat Kitty who wishes you a fantasticat 4th of July!!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

PAWS SCRIPT: I'm going to an 07-07-07 wedding so there is a mini mouse possibility you will have to start your day next week, the Guido Way, without me. My traveling paws will be back in your IN box before you know it.

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