October 26, 2008

It's No BOOloney! It's Bats and Dracucat

HallowCATzoweyween week is here and my paws and me have been experimenting with finding the PURRfect costume .. you know it's the week that you dress up and PURRtend you're pawsatively someone else - furget politicatical characters this year and besides, I'd never do that cuz categorically speaking, I'm an Independicat. Spooky couture choices are abundacat but I'm a fastidious feline with fantasticat taste so the mega meowvalous decision doesn't come too easily to my smitten kitten self. Ahhhh, dare I go as this or that .. don't want my meowster mug to appear fat! So me and my paws are thinkin about dressing up as Dracucat ..... "Lemmee putta mya Italian ivories into youza catnip container!"
There's also a rumor my Italian buffed self will dress up as a "Small Smitten Kitten" but that's BOO-loney cuz there's no way I'll fit into this inky dinky cat costume. It's PURRplexing fur sure and I think they sent me the wrong size!

Anybody in there??? Is this what you call a PURRfected smile because he had Feline Invisalines? Whatever is makin this dude de la orange laugh is the cat's meow to me but hey, let's join in the fun and have a nonCATastrophic halloween. Now I demandacat you and your paws be safe: only consume catnip if PURRivately and proPURRly wrapped and if you're offered some Meow Mix, make sure it's the new Wholesome Goodness that's gonna debut on Think Like A Cat (November 15th on Game Show Network).

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO The Italian Kitty


Anonymous said...

Caro amico mio!!
You look smashing in the Dracula costum!! And even cuter in the picture with the pumpkin!!

You should dress like one! Orange looks good on us gray furry beauties!

I will be..an angel!!LOL!!
I guess is a permanent costume for me,but i don't mind..just the wings are a bit uncomfortbale when i try to catch mice (they spot me from a mile away!!)..Buona giornata!GIOTTO

Leo Anderson said...

Guido I love the dracula outfit. It's Leo from catster!!! I have a page on here too. It's called Leodafoosa. Look for it!!

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