May 11, 2009

Wrap It and Snap It !

Meowster Momma Day comes justa once during da whole giganticat year so I'za always wanna have a  PURRfectly wrapped Purresent fur  my momma cuzza sheeza my landlord, my banker, my chef and my best furiend. Anda Catzowey! Sheeza just 1 purrson!!
It takesa 2 baby - yesiree, I mean 2 of us to wraps up da Purresent purrty so I asked my buddy Yolo to helpza me cuzza betweenza us, weeza gotta 8 paws  and abundacat teeth to wrap and snap speshule - and heeza good fur helping to tie da fancy bow real tight.
Fantsaticat job and weeza almosta finished - gotta putza da final touch and sit back to seeza da speshule work weeza doing.
Weeza thoughts it'd take us a bunch of ourza 9 lives to getta these wrapped up pawsatively PURRfectly and shucksatini weeza exhausticats now so time fur abundacatnaps in da sun.  Itsa gooda thing this Mom's holidaze comesa only once a year or me and myself wudda beeza havin hiss fits - itza notta easy wrapping and snapping da  big bows!
Youza and yurself have a nonCATastrophic week and don'tza getta too wrapped up in stuff.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Toulouse said...

Oh my goodness Guido what a perfect job you and Yolo did on wrapping mom's gift! It's beautiful! So what was in the gift box.... you? *giggles* Glad to hear your mom had a pawsome day!


Curly said...

Guido, we hope your mom had a furtastic Mothers Day! You did a fine job wrapping her gift!

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