June 7, 2009

ComPURRhensively Browsing The Books

This is a week fur getting educated and  expanding myself and  I'ma not cat chatting bout my waistline (they don't call me Expando-Cat fur nothing!) Catzowey I'm ecstaticat to tell you and yurza,  me and myself has been takin' da lessons - yep uh huh - genuine lessons so me and myself can speaks more molto meowvalous. Youza know, my EyeTailYun accent is thick asa barrel of buffalo mozzarella, so me and my paws trekked downtown to PURRlitz Language School and enrolled, after paying with my MasterCat Card.
After my week at da  PURRlitz Language School where I consistacatically heard  "Arriverderci Guido" to my EyeTailYun accent,  I was still in da learning mode so I popped my tail into da big Library building. Now lemme tell ya, that's a place for catnapping & serious snoozing .. it's meowvalously quiet, nobody is cat chatting, no TV or infurmercials, and there's lots of places to hide and tuck into comfurtably at da Library. Oh I furgot to tellza you, there's catzillions of books to get uppa on, yep uh huh, youza can get way up high and hide for a day in da Library. And they even  got little lights to brighten up yur space - well if you can figure out da Light On and Off butttons!

This is me in da Library where theyza keeps abundacat mounds of books. Big, really big  giganticat art books in a purrEyeVat collection. Look at me sitting on "The 9 Lives of Meowtisse" and "Picasso-cat Painting" too! But I still can't get my library reading lamp to light up. Wonder how many of my 9 lives I gotta use up befur I get this thing to work correcticatically! Uh oh,  do I  see an off shore hiss fit arriving soon?

Don't catnap thru life and  never furget to keepza learning - NOWZA is always the fantasticat time fur learning something new and meowvalous!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Anonymous said...

Big thanks and lots of kitty lovey doveys for making my Monday start off with a smile! Linda at Cat Safari

Oliver and Dewey said...

Dat sum goodie addvize Guido!

Vicki said...

Gudio you're right you can never stop learning. Ka - zar is 11 and never stop learning.

Keep up the great work with the gazette too. Love starting my Tuesday the Gudio way. We're in Australia time zones differences.

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