February 22, 2010

Say Ahhhhh

Itza not Ahhhhh Choo and  I'm not under da weather, but I'm crooning Ahhhhh cuz I sees da signs of Spring popping and cropping up here and there and just about everywhere. Ahhhhh (there I goes again),  theyza beeYOUteeful! Itza recommended youza duz a taste taste on the organicat water cuz itza gotta be comfurtable for flowers so they stays a looooong time.   Hummmmzatini I thinks fur shure - yep uh huh - itza fur shure  I has come to the smart smitten kitten decision this water is a purrrfecto tempurrrrachure fur my Tulips.

NOWza MEOWza - we can cat chat about Tulips or about my EyeTailYun Two Lips!  Back to da fantasticatico florals: didja know dat my favorito florals make the trip all the way cross the oshun from Holland with no PassPurrt.

When youza gets yur impurrrted Tulips home, check them out from da bottom to da tippy tulip top. Youza hoping theyza furesh, furesh and gonna live thru all yur weekly catnaps and maybe thru a hiss fit too!

Remember da ancient purrractice of Feng Shui -  theyza been doing this before the furst feline set foot on da planet  - itza confurms how old Feng Shui is. Datza good cuz itza exerpienced and it tells ya exactactically where to place da flowers so youza gets all da pawsative reakshuns and good things happens to youza tooza.

Repurrting live from da snowey slopes of Vancouver and I gotta get back to da OH-Lympicks. I'ma rooting and tooting my EyeTailYun horn fur my homeland but I don't know when exacticatically weeza gonna see da Winter Pizza-tossing finals!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Jacqueline said...

Great pictures, Guido=love the one with you laying on the tulips!!...We're looking forward to Spring too=we go on more stroller rides when the weather is nice...Stop by our blog tomorrow for an invitation to a party=love to see you there!!...Have a great week...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

KIsu-Kujy-and Mom Deb said...

Loved it as always !

Daisy said...

If the tulips are here, it must be time for Spring! Guido, you are a very artistic flower-arranger.

Curly said...

My mommy is in awe of the pawsome photos your mommy takes of you. Of course, you are the purrfect subject!

Skeezix the Cat said...

Two Lips are the FL's faverite flower. Well, she likes daffydills, too. I hope yer rite abowt Spring being arownd da corner cuz I'm reddy to go strollin!

Anonymous said...

Guido!! I like the way you throw yer whole body into flower arranging! You make it look so easy.

Christopher said...

Guido my friend, I give you SUNSHINE!!!
Go look!


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