March 22, 2010

It's For Sure! I'ma Referring To Defurring

Do I look like me and myself is trying to figure out what's going on? Yep uh huh, I'ma definicatically doing that fur shure, and for a furry good reason. Cuz I cannot  believe what I saw and am seeing! CATZOWEY! I discovered the most meowvaloso gadgacat gizmo on the whole planet and youza gonna wanna pay attenZeeOhKnee to this news and mews, whether you read it Up side or Down side - no difFURence!

Dontcha worry - this izn't someone's  TooPay that went astray - it's really my fur for shure!  I just got brushed and smushed by "Shed Magic" the fabucatulous cat de-shedding tool. I tellza youza - it's fantasticatical and I'ma feeling light weight and great without having to cut my carbs and diet which can cause me to riot. More good news and mews, it'za affurdable.  I thinks my MasterCat Card had da charge of about $19.00 - not EUROs but da real envirocatical green bucks!

Lemme check out this former mound of me .. one meowment I'm feeling hefty and da next meowment I'ma looking more buffed! Youza tooza can get this fantasticatical device via my favorito Pet Boutique Cheengoo in San Francisco.   And  psst! Secreto ..if youza tells Liz, da meowvaloso doggone great PURRprietor that youza FOG "Friend of Guido's",  youza purrobably gonna have it mailed to youza fur affurdable cost  -  cuz sheeza da cat's meow even though sheeza da momma of da doggone adorable Abbie da dog!

Wishing you a FURiendly week with no bad fur days! Woo hoo I'ma gonna have a light weight nonCATastrophic week NOWza MEOWza!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Jacqueline said...

It's so nice to get rid of all of that extra fur for Spring; you're looking good Guido, you buff handsome mancat!!...Have a great week...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Curly said...

Guido, we love the pic of you looking upside-down, but isn't that uncomfurtable? (My sisfur says you are very limber!)
Mommy made a video that's on YouTube of my late brofur Lalo being Furminated:
My whole family loves the Furminator except for Stanley, who hates any kind of grooming (which explains why he looks the way he does).

Daisy said...

Guido, you got a lot of spare furs! My coat, it is sort of sparse so I have no extra furs.

Jackpot The Cat said...

Hey Guido, I'm waving at ya from Bernal Hill! I tried to run outside and get on the top of the palm tree so you could see me better, but the stupid humans won't let me out!

I tagged you for a game on my blog. The beans say they'll meet ya soon.

Purrs, Jackpot

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