June 14, 2010

Typicatical Soccer Statisticat

Every purrson around da world is jumping up and downza and going  thru da hoops (oopsatini thatza Basketball catchat!), cuz itza WORLD CUP time. Every day at my house izza da day of the Cup so I'ma not shure what all the buzz izza bout fur just 2 weeks of the Cup.  But being a sports enthusicatist,  I  dusted off my World Series ball - cuz I duzn't have a World Cup ball (yet). Yep uh huh I'ma in da knockit socket sprocket Soccer mood now and purracticing to play.

The mewspaper says dat da purrfeshunal Soccer players stretch alot befur a game - itza speshully good for da  meowscles.

Using furont paws in Soccer will get ya booted out of the game and into the Litter box! In England datsa called "going into da wastebasket". Duz you believe these giganticat Soccer players can fit in a wastebasket?

 Goalies got it ruff and tuff cuz they gotta leap way uppa in the air to stop dat speeding ball but Goalies can use da paws.  If youza gets into a ruckus with other players using yur paws and elbows,  itza called "Chicken Wing Battle"! Holy Cannoli - our Brit pals never ever seen a real battle over da chickie wings -  itza called Dinner's ready nowza!

Catzowey! Youza wondering "Who's Behind Those Star Studded Shades" and SirPrize itza me! When my Staff of impurrted EyeTailYun deeziners renovated The Guido Gazette pages, I hears "Guido it'za so nice and bright" so me and myself izza looking at it thru da sun glasses.  I wanna  hear frumza YOU bout what YOU thinks of da colorful summery notza wintery pages. Yep uh huh, I'ma listening - the Staff's not but me and myself izza listening to youza, yep uh huh itza fur shure!

Here's to a nonCATastrophic sensayshunal week! And I hopes your Cup izza always full, not just during the World Cup,  cuz life izza ball!

Ciao &  Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Harry Spotter said...

You sure look ready. Love those stretches and the cool shades.

Jacqueline said...

Looking great Guido; glad to see you're staying in shape with your stretches and you're very handsome, with or without the shades!...We like your bright summer blog pages, your staff is doing a super job!...Hope your week is filled with fun and love, sweet friend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Anonymous said...

We think you should be the trainer for the World Cup team with an exercise regimen like that!

Kisu and Kujy said...

Love your weekly Mewspaper, it puts a smile on my face ! Your so funny Guido. xxoo Kissy kissy

Kelly H. said...

Wow, look at those meowscles! You are far more handsome than Beckham, my Eyetailyun Furiend! Keep up the great work!

Hugs, Auntie K

Anonymous said...

Great article. The summery pages look great!! GO USA!!

Lila Mae Bush

Daisy said...

I think I would enjoy a Chicken Wing Battle! Guido, your summery colors look good!

meowmeowmans said...

Love the summery colors, Guido! And that exercise regimen is amazing.

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