August 2, 2010

Politicatically Correct Wedding Crasher

Furstly I wanna admitacat to you, shhhh dontcha tell nobody else... but  I didn't get da PurrEyeVat invatayshun to da Chelsea-Marc New Yawk wedding, so I  decided to pawty cwash like all da folks do at da giganticat White House pawties! Whatza else izza guy to do?  Well itza simple... Me and Myself went looking fine feline bridey maidsy style, and yep uh huh I donned da willowy hot weather white bridey stuff cuz the secreto service wouldza never ever know itza me and myself! Bamzatini - I was in to da wedding venue with my cat eyes and secret paw camera!

Suddenly like before my 9 lives passed befur my smitten kitten eyes, I got into the bridesy maidsy line fur our OhFishYul fotographer purrtraits and I had to not look at the camera - supposed to beeza OH nachural look like youza not pawty cwashing...

Once da fotographer departed, I rapidcatically sneaked over to the giftie table sekshun and checked out the silver Champagne glasses and WOWza MEOWza - Chelsea had da rolled organicat nip ala vegan style fur all her guests! Molto bene pawty favours Chelsea!  Sheeza gotta be a cat momma fur shure!

I had to get up close and into da sterling silver champagne glass so I couldza hear da bubbles of  authenticat FURench bubbly going snap crackle and pop - itza da real stuff theyza serving cuz theyza got impurrtant guests whooza knows when youza skimps or serves da real  authenticat stuff!

Time for da Bride to give us Bridesy Maidsies her gifts of ah-purr-shee-hayshun - and I had a hiss fit over da pearls necklace! Catzowey I'ma Man Cat but I'ma also da pawty cwasher so me and myself had a short hiss fit then smiled fur da fotographer - no purrrpurrrazzi atza this event!

Nowza I'ma exhausticatted frumza travelling from coast to coast to cwash the wedding pawty, so I'ma gonna catnap all week while da Mewlyweds izza wherever theyza izza.If they comes to CalEyeFurKneeYah I'll have a meatball pawty fur them - fur shure!

I shure wishes you a nonCATastrophic week! Yep uh huh I do!

Ciao &  Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Jacqueline said...

You are a silly boy, Guido, glad you had fun, sweetie!...Happy week friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Kelly H. said...

Did you get to meet Bill and Hillary, too, Guido? What a fun event, thanks for giving us an insider's view of the grand wedding!

Love, Auntie K

Daisy said...

You are soooo lucky you got to attend, Guido! I am sure you fit right in with your fancy white billowy outfit.

Mary said...

The wedding sounds lovely!! You look great in white!!
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