November 1, 2010

Crayola Crayon Collage Of Fabuloso Fall

Me and my actshun packed paws been going to The World Series cheering on my San Franfuncisco Giants, then with all da Halloween purrrparations and pawties since FurEyeDay, well youza knows, yep uh huh,  now I'ma exhausticatted! So gonna kick back my paws, enjoy and just  realaxacat with soothing warm Fall colors on the furst and only November 1st in 2010.

 Itza fur shure, when da furst day of November arrives, itza the sign of da times dat da time izza gonna change next weekend fur most of us, so watch yur watches and see if theyza changes automaticatically. Itza arrivederci Daylight Savings!

I luvs Fall cuz the colors are spectacucatular like da Crayola Crayon box and itza Catzowey to indulge yursef in warm golden Fall colors with a furiend. Like get up close and hug da warm wonderful hues of Fall. Oopsatini, purrhaps I means visit Niagara Falls in da Fall cuz in da Winter itza not warm there!  Uh oh, I meant to think da colors of Fall izza hugely full of  warm color and youza should be hugging someone huge to keep warm purrhaps.  Izza you amewsed dat I'ma confused?

And didja know dat warm Fall colors izn't just in leaves, on friends and stuff, but also in da good foods, exacticatically  like in my favorito EyeTailYun warm red Tortellini pasta. Youza gotza experiencia da colors of EyeTailYun pastas or youza not living life to da meowximum!  Basta Pasta there's nothing like furesh Fall colored sauce smothering and mothering da furesh Torellinis!

So I wishes youza terrificatical furst week of November and be shure to make it
a nonCatastrophic one too! 

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Mr. Echo said...

The winter blankits came out of the dryer yesterday and Momma put them in a pile on the bed so yoo know whut I did. Crawled inside em. Pretty sure that's what hevvin is like.

Oh, and the Rangers are circling the drane but I'm a littel conflickid. Shood thay just rap this thing up tonite or lose so yoo all can celebrate in yur beautipuss city by the bay? Hmmm.

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

We're happy to be heading into summer here... you should come visit us for sunpuddles!

Curly said...

Guido, Mommy said your picture of Tortellini made her hungry. She loves the cooler weather and fall colors too. I love the way the Giants are winning the Series!

Daisy said...

Fall is the color of cheeses!!!

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