October 3, 2011

No Messing With A Blessing

 When youza sneezes someone nice says CatZuntHeight or Bless Ya and that's a meowvalous blessing to hear. Another fantasticat blessing is when we furry or feathered creatures are recognized on St. Francis Day to be blessed to the meowximum cuz weeza "Creatures of the Planet too". Yep uh huh,  weeza invited on St. Francis Day to Church to sit in da Pews and be amewsed! (checking out da cobwebs and dusty balls under those Pews!)

 Grace Cathedral in San Franfuncisco is where I went for St. Francis Day - they even got da welcome  "All Creatures Loved By St. Francis" flag flying in our honor

La La Labradors enjoy going to the CAThedral too for a doggone great time in da Pew with a birds eye view! 

Check out that 2nd pew with yur Binocucatulars - the pooch is paying attenshun and ready to grab and go with dat Altar bread sitting there!

How comes my Pew mate tosses Me &Myself a Hymnal from 1982 when itza 2011?  I wasn't even a smitten kitten in 1982 cuz I was born in 2006.

Bamzatini! Befur youza knows it da giganticat service is over and weeza all been blessed to the Meowximum (good to go for a year!) and are on the Plaza to mingle and jingle! Didja ever think about a purrson looking like their pooch? These dudes rock and blow dry together in any weather!

 Sharing the Blessings with my fur furiends makes me exhaustitcatted but itza good feeling fur shure.

I wishes youza a nonCATastrophic week and hopes itza filled with pawsative sunny rays, a doggone good catnap and a Pizza Meowgarita too. And pssst - comes closer cuz I wants youza to know I am blessed cuz youza my fabuloso furiend!

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Kisu and Kujy said...

That was furry nice Guido, wish we could have gone to the CAThedral wiff yew. Maybe god would have forgave me and my sins. Meowsers.

M Dawson said...

Guido this is lovely. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful event. I can imagine it was appreciated by all the pet owners. I appreciate the pictures, they bring it alive for me, so far away in New Zealand :-)

St Francis was pretty awesome guy - loving animals as he did.

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