February 21, 2012

Holy Cannoli Itza Fat Tuesday!

If youza not gotta an EyeTailYun cream filled Canolli then have a cupcake, cuz itza Fat Tuesday all day long! Me & Myself can enjoy my waistline bulge, and indulge in da sweets of life and Fat Tuesday is announcing Mardi Paws Gras is coming!

Youza wanna knows more stuff bout dat Fat Tuesday? Wellza I tells ya, itza not justa bout da sweets - Fat Tuesday is dat day of the Year youza can indulge in everything loaded with da calories and fun and yummy fur yur tummy,  like a whole Giganticat pizza pie! 

 Me & Myself gonna say Cheeses Puhleezes to have a Man Cat sized platter of dat EyeTailyun and FURench furmaggi on my Fat Tuesday . Catzowey I luvs an "All I can Meet and Greet" cheese platter fur shure!

On Wednesday, weeza gonna be exhausticatted from celebrating dat Fat Tuesday event and gonna say arrivederci Fat and hello Cheerios!  Theyza purrobably gonna lower my Catlesterol more dan da Holy Cannolis!

Pssst - wanna tells ya, Me & Myself sends our abundacat Mille Meowster Grazie and thanks tooza youza, fur yur warm wonnerful words of support, purrayers, pawsitive thots and gifts of love when my brofur YOLO crossed The Rainbow Bridge, 11th February. I wazza not happy living solo without my Yolo, so - drum rollz .........

Meet GRAZIE - his name means "thank you" in EyeTailYun. 10 months yungun Grazie izza is from Yolo County SPCA where my brofur YOLO wazza frum. Now whatza da chances of dat? Goes to show if youza never ever gives up on yur dreams, theyza can come true!

Itza da 1st Fat Tuesday fur Grazie! Cheers to a fantasticat Fat Tuesday filled with abundacat plates of fine fat foodz cuz itza the one year of the day dat itza OK! Hoorayzatini!

Cheers to a nonCATastrophic week and Happy Mardi Paws Gras!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Teri and her Stylish Cats said...

mEwOWzA, Disco didn't know they named a day after him, hahameow!We'll join you in eating up that pizza and cannoli!

We know you are very purroud that Yolo went on to help other kitties and let the vets learn, too. We are furry grateful fur your thoughtfulness!

And Grazie is Grateful too, to join your Eyetalian Famiglia!

Julia Williams said...

Grazie is a lucky kitty, living with you and a Momma who will let you sample the pizza and cupcakes! MOL. Better be careful though -- Fat Tuesday will wreak havoc on those slim kitteh profiles!!

meowmeowmans said...

Happy Mardi Gras Paws to you, too, Guido! :)

Tiny Timmy said...

I loves yous mai friend & I can think of no better way to spends Fat Tuesday den wid yous & Lil' G.

Daisy said...

Grazie is very handsome, and a big congratulations on the addition to your family!

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