October 27, 2013

It's A Purrrowling & Howling Costume Week

Catzowey! It's totally Tricks and Treats time, and me and my furiends got our funtastic costumes all ready to wear when we hit the streets of San Franfuncisco and ringy ding ding the doorbells and yells "Tricks & Treats weeza here!" Undoubtacatically, theyza faints in the doorway cuz they're not expecting an EyeTailYun kitty dressed up in a Halloween costume!

This furiend feeling kinda flat in his costume and datza not good cuz he gotta be pumped uppa for when we purrrowling and howling this Halloween week.

Decisions decisions, I can't make dat decision about what costume Me & Myself should fit into this year. So I gonna lets you, yep YOU helps with the decision.  Make a super dooper uber comment on the COMMENTS place and weeza decides together no matter what the weather!
 Here I am as a LIL DEVIL.

 Do you thinks I should be the JOLLY ORGANICAT GIANT?

 There's always DRACUCATULA!

 JOHNNY CAT DEPP that Pirate of the Catibbean!

 The typicatical thirsty HAWAIIAN TOURIST on Waikiki.

 If I can figure out how to gets into dat laughing Jack Oh Ho Ho Lantern then I may go as dat. But for now, I wishes you a sweet Halloween week and be sure you make it a nonCATastrophic one too. And remember, UNWRAP the candy before you indulge!

Ciao & Meow & BOOzatini!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Brian's Home Blog said...

Dang pal, you look good in everything!!!

Anonymous said...

The vampire costume looks great on you Mr. Handsome!!

Unknown said...

We cast our vote for the Devil!!

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Hmmm, that is a hard desicion, but we kind of like that pirate followed by that organic thingy, MOL!
Sheesh, they are all cute! Did you get into that pumpkin dude,yet??

Anonymous said...

I have to say each costume looks legit on the Guids Guy. He's sure to get some Friskies if he comes to my house!!! I'll even spring for some Yellow Fin Tuna. Have fun Guido.

Stewart Pitt said...

Fraser and I like the Draculcatula look !

Anonymous said...

Devil Guido!!! You look so handsome in the red cape!

Freddie White Paws said...

Freddie White Paws said...
You look terrific in the Draculcatula outfit. You will scare even the Great Pumpkin, Guido

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