February 26, 2015

A Senior Moment Can Be So So So Special

It's no secret that I'ma a cat with a job. Yep uh huh - I been on the job almost 8 years and that
means Me & MYself been working with special friends at the seniors center since
 I was a yungun at 1. I LOVE senior moments !

 My special senior pals share their special secrets which makes 
my whiskers wiggle. But I keeps the secret cuz that's what friends do. 
Pssst ... 
 it's not good to let the cat out of the bag!

It's for sure Me & MYself loves looking into the eyes of my special senior friends. 
Makes me purr for sure.

Part of being a real certified Animal Assisted Therapy pet is to do house-calls
cuz if YOU call I'll be there!
 I luvs luvs luvs this house cuz the senior who's so special lets me play dat piano. 
So I paw out "I Did It My Way" honoring my fellow EyeTailYun Frankie Sinatra.

Always great to dress up when you're on the job. Me & MYself are mindful to wear
 a deeziner tie cuz it's just the right tie to catch someone's eye. Perhaps I get a purrrrrmotion too!

Some people don't have 9 lives.
So every now and then I make a Hospice visit.
Connecting our paws is amazing for me and the guest too.

 YEP uh huh - Having a Senior moment can be SO Special.

I wish YOU a nonCATastrophic week and a special one too

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Brian said...

You are such a special one and it's so obvious they love you too!

Carol Halbert said...

CATOWZY GUIDO....you beez da bestest!!! Muchly lubbs!!! :)

KatBoxJanitor said...

Those are some mighty fine senior moments, Guido!

Anonymous said...

You are SO CUTE! And so sweet to keep those people company, give them smiles and laughter and something furry to pet!

Lone Star Cats said...


Honey P. Sunshine said...

Gweedoh, my gramma is frum hoboken where frankie used to live

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

You are pawsome, Guido, that you go visit the seniors! We're sure you make their day.

Unknown said...

This is beyond AMAZING!

Guido the Italian Kitty-Big Angel Now said...

Abundacat Thanks Pals! You all are making me feel even more supurrrrrbo when I'm on the JOB!

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