October 22, 2006

Shocktoberfest Kitty Couture

Catzowey - Baci and I are trying on various nonCATastrophic Halloween kitty costumes and not sure if these work for our furry feline figures. Would you care to vote on what you think we should deck our full figured feline bods out for Tricks and Lots O Treating? It's guaranteed we're not flying to the Bates Hotel in PA and we we're not into bobbing for bobbled mice heads nor candied canaries. We're peaceful kitties living atop Nob Hill so we must have our meowster manners on at all times.

I feel like a French sailor in this ridicucat hat... need to smoke home grown catnip to wear this millinary piece that shall be shredded soon - real soon!

Check out Baci here trying to emulate the Hunched Hallmark Halloween Cat . She thinks she's sleak and slim so no chuckles from you please! Hey give the girl a break, she's going to be 11 on 10/31/06 and I think my momma kitty is cool - big, but way cool!

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