June 29, 2008

Cat Gets Bagged In Fine Feline Style

Praise the paws - the aroma is fantasticat and I sneaked a peak to see up close what PURRfectable delectable treats may be in this giganticat goodie bag - and let's NOT call it a doggy bag puhleeze!

Last week, my adore-a-kitty pals dined at San Francisco's Delfina and their feline friendly selves asked their PURRfessional server - she made their whiskers wiggle with her stellar service - for a kitty bag. Yep it was loaded with their infamous freshlicious cured anchovies - now that's music to my mighty meowster ears. If I could get a cat sized table near their kitchen door, I'd have my paws at Delfina daily but my MasterCAT card is maxed out!

And between anchovies and catnaps I attended my friend Violet's wedding - living in the City of St. Francis,  my paws have oodles of pride as we're a City of incredukitty diversity - and that's catzowey!  P.S (paws script) ... I gave Violet a Doggy Bag for her wedding gift!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Meowzza! That anchovy treat sounds scrumptious to us! Were they the best anchovies ever? We like to snatch sardines and anchovies form mom when she eats them...and before she puts that yucky soy stuff on them!

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