September 22, 2008

Mirror Mirror On My Wall

Who's the fairest Meowster of them all? Well let's not have a hiss fit over that! Hey I'm Guido the Italian Kitty and my catitude is flowing this week because my feline fairy god mother is vaCATacationing ( I think in PURRto Vallarta)  so while she's lounging in South of the Border abundacat sun rays I'm  on my own and purring about it. 

Hey, it's not suPURRfluous that I want to keep my smitten kitten Italian whiskers  in balance - you should groom in your room too. My magical meowster mirror mirror on the wall seems to suffice well and all 4 of my adorakitty paws are not PURRpondering over "who's the fairest Meowster of them all"!  I know who is ... do you??? Now go and have a nonCATastrophic day and sneak in a catzowey catnap too!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

AAAAHH..for sure,my friend,the results of your hard workout are in full display when we look at you!!

A gray beauty you are,caro il mio Guido!!
Then striped gray boys are just so cool and sexy by nature,we just need little work to maintain what was given to us at birth!!!!LOL!!

Keep on having fun,un abbraccio dal tuo amico milanese,Giotto

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