February 4, 2009

Fantasticatically In The Semi Sweet Finals

CATZOWEY!!!! I know, Ohhhh yes I do know - Monday was a catastrophic day cuz nobody could start their day the Guido way cuz there was no Guido Gazette! Not even fur me, so it was heavy hiss fit time fur shure. Nope, I didn't catnap thru my editorial deadline. The Gazette had a glitch you could say, cuz me and my smitten kitten paws were out on the campaign trail and not at my catzowey computer.

I've been sleep daPURRived drumming up votes fur 8 days cuz I wanna be the Bissell Vacuum 'Pet of the Year' spokescat. Actualicatically, I just wanted to get into the semi finals and guess what!? I MADE IT! Yes, I'm in the semi finals, placed 5th with 4 canines - I'd say the dog dudes were in fine feline company and my eyeTAILyun whiskers are wiggling over dat win! If I'd come in Furst, then the vacuum masheen folks wuda mailed me a big masheen - something to pick up the feline fur they say - I think it purrobably picks up all da crumbs da humans drop too. So, placing #5 is jist fine with me and myself - we getta book on how to raise a dog! That's doggone interesting!!!!

During the campaign weekend, I meowsterly managed to snag a furront row seat fur the Super Bowl half time show - I'm not shure what the hoopla is all 'bout cuz I eat from a Super Bowl every day, every morning and every night. You can come to my house for a Super Bowl 365 days of the year with free food too!

Mille Grazie my furiends fur your votes and we can all be relaxacats till March when the Bissell board folks select the cutest pet pic from 60. It's time they had a cool cat repursenting dem!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Morgan the Pirate Gato said...

Congrats to you! PAWESOME MEWS! We have to make sure you beat out the Doggys!

Blue skies from now on said...

AWESOME!!!!! Maybe the company needs a letter saying it's about time cats got equal representation and how oppressed they are etc. That should seal the deal.
Thanks for update Guido! We'd been wondering...
Willie, Patsy and Pearlie

Blue skies from now on said...

Guido, did we tell you about the Humane Society contest?

Anonymous said...

CONCATS,my dear friend!!We voted for you!
We were worried when we didn't see the Gazette this past monday!Glad you're back!
You sure are a busy cat,amico mio!
You need a vacation!
CIAO,il tuo Giotto

Curly said...

ConCATS on placing in the semifinals, Guido! Of course, we think you deserve to be in FURst place!

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