February 16, 2009

Pressing and Stressing Over Water

In CalEyeFurKneeyah, people are having a hiss fit cuz there's been no rain - what Composer wrote da song "It Never Rains In California?" Well he must have had a crystal cat ball from Baccarat-a-cat boutique in Purris France cuz his PURRdiction was right on!
Without a doubtacat, we need water, because, well, just because we need water- not just 2 leggeds but everyone needs water. Yep, uh huh, we need water fur all sorts of things.... some things ya just don't even tinks about.

You can bet I'll be steamin' big time if my PURRoctor & Gamble A Bit  steam iron has no water, gotta PURRess the wrinkles out of stuff to look sharp and an eyeTAILyun kitty would never catnap upon anything that wasn't just  divinely purressed and purrfect!

I'm an Envirocat and my  politicatically correct water saver is installed so faucet trickles now, but I'm on night watch, watching - that's what ya do on night watch, ya watch.

CATZOWEY I'm ecstaticat cuz my bowl is fureshly filled this morn (that night watch worked), but if we're gonna get our paws thru da drought, ya gotta do yur part so we don't get our water rashuned and get us creatures of habit out of our fashion of havin' water... 

Guido's 4 Paws Up Water Conservashun Tips of the Tail

1- Buy an electric razor to trim yur whiskers - furget the soap & water routine!
2-Make yur morning oatmeal with rich double cream milk - furget da water & furget yur waistline too!
3- Be create-a-cat and shower at the car wash with yur windows open. Double bubble fantasticat fun!
4- Don't use running water to thaw FURozen foods - take a few catnaps and it'll be thawed out by the time you wake up - I purromise you!

Remember, Mother Nature (has anybody ever met her?)  needs your paws to conserve and purrserve.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Curly said...

Hey Guido, thanks fur the water conservation tips! We have actually had quite a bit of rain (and snow) here in Furesno County over the past week, but we still need more. (I'm mostly an indoor kitty but I did get to romp in the snow the other day...Check it out:)


Purrs, and stay dry!

Anonymous said...

Caro Guido!!
Your advices on how to save water are just RIGHT and SO GREAT!!
In my home,we have been doing that for many years,because we know how important it is to preserve it!!

We are a very green-friendly oriented family,and it makes us proud to know you are too!
Way to go,bello!!
Your friend from Milan,Giotto

Anonymous said...

Here is Grisu' The Big Hunter..dear Guido,i propose to ship some of snow we have here in Canada to your place!!
We are almost buried to our ears in it,and we frankly starting to have enough of it...

Let me know,pal!
By the way...great tips on water conservation!You go Guido!

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