May 17, 2009

The Cat In The Hat - Thatsa Mio Myo

Without a doubtacat youza  knowza all about da old time famous feline  book "The Cat In The Hat". And  famous bookz  like that,well, somethings theyza never goza outta  da style (thata means theyza always IN style). Butta definicatically cat chatting, there's absoluticatically no doubt I'ma still in style, cuzza I'm a cat in the hat!

Yep uh huh, me and myself izza in style anda thatsa purrobably cuzza I'ma da EyeTailYun kitty too! 

Attenzionee youza! These izza da colors of myza homeland, EyeTailYa - and I tell ya there'sa no colors likesa these! Didja ever queshun why da  purrty rainbow isn't vibracat colors like Red White & Green?

Youza purrobably PURRpondering where me and myself  getsa my fantasticat hat, and I'll tell ya. My really speshule catzowey furiend Hazel Lucy  handmade it fur me - yep uh huh, Hazel Lucy deezined it, CrowShayed it and shipped it frumza her house in PencilVaneYah. Her meowvalous talented paws will make youza  blankets, baby gifts anda  hats fur big heads too! (donta aska how many meowameters my head is - it's justa big!)

Anda more meowvalous news and mews I wanna youza to know -  after she catnapped, she CrowShayed da scarf fur me tooza. 

I'ma supposed to beeza saving dis outfit fur Columbus Day feline-festivities but I'ma so ecstatic to have it,  so me and myself is checking itta out and inside too.

Dooza youza likes this "Maurice ChavalierCat"look? I tipsa my hat to youza cuzza it's fantasticat to knowsa youza.    Make it a nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Mark said...

I bet you look really good wearing that hat when you're on your favorite Italian blanket

Toulouse said...

I knew right away that was a Hazel Lucy Limited! *giggles* Your choice of colors suits you perfectly! You look pawsome in everything you wear dear friend!!! I hope you have a super dooper Monday!!

Love ya,

Skeezix the Cat said...

Hazel Lucy is da bomb!!! Grate hat, Guido!

Curly said...

You look very handsome in that fine hat! Hazel Lucy is so pawesomely talented!
(I'll bet my sisfur Flaca and brofur Lalo would like to get their mittens on your hat...Red, white, and green are also the colors of the Mexican flag!)

Kritters That Twitter said...

Oh what a great hat! Now I want my mommy to knit me one, but she says I'll never wear it....

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