June 28, 2009

Yankee Doodle Dandy Cat

Catzowey it's almost the FURst of July which means the 4th of July is just a few catnaps behind and are you curious as a cat to know something fantasticat? Shhh, don't let the cat out of the bag ... itza fine feline time to be a Patrioticat, unfurl the flag and wear it PURRoudly! As far as my smitten kitten self knows, I don't have any Pilgrim geneticatically altered genes in me cuzza I'm EyeTailYun. Oh shuksatini the Pilgrims holiday izza with turkey and taters in November, and the only fireworks are when thereza no leftovers!

AttenzeeOhKnee! AttenzeeOhKnee! Me and my paws are on countdown fur the sparklies in the sky, abundacat barbeque meats dropping to da ground and catnapping in the sunny sun rays - all on the 4th of July. Are you sayin' maybe I'm a tabby teeny bit USA'un?

Gusty and fairly cat-O-strophic winds are keeping my flag from unfurling proPURRly. I luvs da excitement of Independence Day cuz I'm an independakitty too so it's a meowvalous day fur me to prance my paws around San Franfuncisco in my "non finicky feline & fine" independent meowster mode!

YEOWza MEOWza I'ma exhausticatted from wrestling with my flag so I just hadza catnap faster than da pop top opens on my food can. Itza kinda Speed-Sleeping!

When I wakes up, I'm gonna beeza bizzi meowmorizing the Declarashun of Independakitties! I thinks it goes something like "Four feline scores ago, our fat cat forefathers landed on the shores of Catalina Island".... Shuksatini again! Itsa hiss fit time cuzza I gotza the wrong speech meowmorized. Hahem....here I goes, Uno Due Tre and a oneza twoza threeza, "We hold these Pawsative truths to be self-evident, that all cats are created equal" - yep uh huh datsa da right Declarashun of Independakitties - woo hoo!

You and yourza have a fantasticat 4th of July and make it a nonCATastrophic one too! Remember to be a respectacatable envirocat: don't leave yur trash at da 4th of July barbeque or youza won't be getting da invatayshun next year!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Skeezix the Cat said...

Happy Erly 4th of July to yoo, Guido!

ejckittylove said...

Hey Guido!! We all finally made it aboard to celebrate the 4th of July with you all!! Missy, Squirt, and Tiger are so happy to be here with their favorite Italiyunn furriend!! Special hugs and nose touches!! Missy, and Evelyne (their pet)

Curly said...

Guido, if you check out my blog, you will see that my baby sisfur Rayna is dressed up for the 4th of July. If I see my mom heading toward me with a camera and a costume, I'm diving under the bed!

Poppy Q said...

Hi Guido, have a great weekend and we hope the fireworks aren't too noisy.

Nice to meet you.

Julie and Poppy Q

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