September 7, 2009

Hob Nob With Corn On The Cob

Catzowey! It's not so corny cuz itza true, and I tells ya, the kernels of corn izza popping up everywhere! And itza sweet corn kernels tooza but youza gotta be talented at select-a-catting the right ear of corn. Hmmm, what happens if ya chooses the left ear of corn?That's unequivocatically the queshun of the meowment fur shure and I needs the answer befur corn season stops!
Ahhhhaaaa, Me and Myself is having a hisstericatical meowment thinking about select-a-catting da left ear of corn instead of da right ear of corn! Purrhaps I'll stop catnapping and apply fur da stand-up yur paws Comedy Cat Club show - hey ya never knows if the Hollywood PURRducers are looking fur a new hilarikitty - after all, David Letterman has that doggone "Stupid Pet Tricks" on hizza show! Oh my smitten kitten self says let's paws fur a meowment .... I tellza youza there is NO such thingza as da stupid pet tricks cuzza all of us are increducatulously smart. Do I see da future bringing a petishun circulating to toss Signore Letterman into da deep litter box NOWza MEOWza?
No no absoluticatically NO, this is not geneticatically neutered corn! Shuksatini dontcha know the Corn on the Cob got me tired trying to select da right ear of corn or da left ear of corn, so I've tossed the husk aside and turned to my new and mewvalous Banana Nip toy frum my very favorito pet boutique Cheengoo in San Franfuncisco (oh yes she will ship it tooza youza too!) This fruit is giganticat- like a whole jungle of nanas and da Eau du Nip Purrfume in da Banana is da bestest you can get! You tell Signore Liz - sheeza da Owner - that youza FOG "Friend Of Guido" and sheeza takes da bestest care of you, yep uh huh.

So it's da furst week in September and if I remember, I'ma gonna wish you a nonCatastrophic short week - hope it's filled with fruitful fun and abundacatnaps cuz youza deserves dat. (I'm still confused and amewsed over how to figure out the right ear of corn from the left ear of corn...)

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Christopher said...

Hey Guido! Corn is good I like the taste however I REALLY like to get in the green shucks momma pulls off and puts in the trashcan. I like them so much it makes me knock over the trash (against my will) so's I can root in them properly.

I have never heard of a catnip naner but I will keep my nose out for one. All the naners we get smell like, well, naners...

Vicki said...

Corn is good your gazette is better. I got the Guido vibe on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Gota love Australia.

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