September 13, 2009

In The Tropicatical Jungle

Humidity is high, my fur is frizzing and da warm rains izza putting abundacat strains on my smitten kitten self. Catzowey! Me and myself hates to have a bad fur day and it can put me into a giganticat hiss fit when I looks in da mirror and sees da frizzy fur I am not FURiendly with! Dontcha know, we EyeTailYuns luv to look stylishly fabucatulous every meowment of the day!

Itza so so so tropicatical today that I feelza like I'm in TaHeeTee, yep uh huh like I mean FURench Polypurrnesia in the Pacific Oshun. Getting my paws, yep uh huh all 4 of them, into the tropicatical mode so I've put on my creative native beads and hunkering down under da palms to cool off. Iffa I just could find my Guido Speedo I'd be purrfecticatically content-a-cat, slumbering under da palms cuz the lazy hazy days of summer and me are compatacatable.

Nowza Meowza I'm bringing out my Tiki Torch to sit on my porch. Duzza you wanna see up close and PURRsonally who I comes across on my kitty safari in da tropicatical jungle?

In the jungle, the mighty Tropicatical jungle, the lions sleep tonight and some not so mighty sized lions were not catnapping when they'za and meeza came cat eye to cat eye (well at least I had one giganticat EyeTailYun eye ball directictically on them!) ... but catch a good glimpse and don'tcha blink cuz theyza micro meowsters!

Meowvalously hilarious! They'za thinks they'za related to my EyeTailYun super buffed self! Ah ha ha, thizza izza ridicucatulous fur shure and I'm not shure our geneticatical genes are the same (hazza anybody told these felines they'za micro minis?) I don'tza wanna ruin their catnaps with da not so meowvalous news and no mews.

So....youza gotta think big and be pawsative - go fur it and have a giganticat nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Christopher said...

This is WIERD Guido! You were talkin about FURench Polypurrnesia in the Pacific Oshun and when I went to comment my word verification was "ophypoi" and POI is like THE Polynesian food!

OMC Guido is that cool or what?

I was gonna tell you that Ima havin a bad weather bad fur day too but that poi stuffs almost made me forget!

Anonymous said...

Guido, you are sure a ham in front of the camera! I always enjoy the photos in your gazette!

Sandy, Toni, Rusty, Eleanore and Neko

Skeezix the Cat said...

We love yoo, Guid!

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