January 17, 2010

Dodging The Purrparazzi At Golden Globes

Itza cold week in January - but we gots a storm of warm awards entertaining youza and mio, so fur shure, I took all 4 of my paws to the glitteratzi Golden Globes. Good thing my extraordinaire assistacat suggested I pack my Hollywood shades fur my zippity do dah trip to La La Land, cuz theyza got flash bulbs popping everywhere in Hollywood! And if youza not wearing da shades then youza goes blinkety blink blink all da time and then youza gets a nonPURRfurential photo!

Itza prahpurr purractice in Hollywood that guys attending Golden Globes Award Ceremeowny always wears da Black Tie - so my purrsonal EyeTailYun deeziner from Meowlano Italia, had me looking at various purrcarious black and white fabrics.

Itza confewsing but amewsing when the Foreign Purress nominates da mewvees (I catnapped thru a few) then da mewvee stars wearing clothes theyza borrowed (basta pasta they don't own their clothes!) gets on stage to do purresentashuns. Theyza looks directicatically into da camera so theyza really looking smackity dabbity at youza at home so youza paying attenZeeOhKnee! This year there's abundacat confusing nominashuns : "Itza Complicated" but hey, life isn't complicated if youza meowster cuz life is CATZOWEY purrfecto! And "Julie and Julia"? Catzowey what state of the art nip is da Purrducer smoking dat he doesn't know exacticatically what's da name of his mewvie! And "Avatar" - wellza you tellza me if it spells something impurrtant backwards! Itza no new news that "Nine" izza my favorito pick cuz you knows 9 lives is what life's all about in my meowster mind and shhhh dontcha tell but da star in dis mewvee is named GUIDO!!
Once da Golden Globe ceremeownies wazza over (Shuksatini! I pawsographed so much I ran out of da inky dinky ink in my paw pen) I removed my Purrparazzi La La Land shades and kicked back to have a meowvalous fantasticat moment .... a PurrEyeVat moment with me and myself on the glitzy golden carpet.
At the end of the evening, I was ready fur my litter box - yep uh huh, some things never get Hollywood'ized!

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Daisy said...

Guido, I know just what you mean! After all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, there is nothing more comforting than home and a familiar litterbox.

Thanks for the awesome report! You look cool in your golden shades.

Kyande Kisu & KuJu Ku said...

This izza so funny Guido, where or how do you tink deez tings up like dat?

Kelly H. said...

Cool shades, Guido, you look like a star yourself! Can I have your pawsograph?

Anonymous said...

Really cool shades Guido! Youza haandsome boy ya know! Yeh yuza so funny! Youza assistantacat does a terrifica job too. Yeh, hows about some pawsographs fur all yur fans! Youza big celebraticat ya know! this cums frum Shadow and Boo some of yur Catster pals, too as well as from me, Sandy!!

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