October 4, 2010

Friendly Fashionable News to Mews On October 4th

 WOWza MEOWza, I luvs to celebrate ST Francis day on October 4th,  cuz itza da one and only day of da giganticat year when I stops catnapping and purrrks up, cuz  itza purrfectly OK to be 4-legged, 3-legged, furry, feathered or finned. Yep uh huh, cuz weeza  all da beloved creatures adoracatted by St Francis whooza luvs us  fur a really long time ...  like going waaaaay back befur I wazza born in da year 1400! YIKES,  datsa catzillion of catnaps ago for me.

Didja know dat St. Furancis izza EyeTailYun, so I thinks heeza terrificat cuz weeza comes frum da same place, Italy. So carrying on in his looong time tradishun, I'ma hoping youza open to meeting and greeting new furiends tooza - no matter what theyza looks like cuz itza impurrtant to have super dooper furiends of all kinds, whether theyza inky dinky, giganticat, striped, solid color or no color, or matterafacticatically,  purrhaps  pawsatively different. Reach out yur paw to a  new and terrificat furiend this week - it'll make you smile fur a while.

 In da true EyeTailYun fashion this week - I'ma wearing my country's colors in honor of Cristoforo Columbo - yep uh huh youza knows him as  dat sailor with 3 ships - Christopher Columbus. I hopes yur week is fantasticat. But wudja do me and myself a gigantiicat favor? Puhleeze ask yurself if youza made a new fureind this week who duzn't look just like youza. Yep uh huh, datsa what St Francis wazza all about,  a catzillion 800 or more years ago when heeza thought about talking to da feathered and furry pals. Heeza my hero fur shure! Andza youza gonna make me smile contenticaticaly if youza makes dat new furiend.

Wishing you da mostest nonCATastrophic week,
Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Angel Simba said...

Thank you for alerting us to the fact that today is St Francis Day. I loved your post.

Daisy said...

It is good to make all sorts of friends! I like goats a lot.

BumbleVee said...

My new little friends of the past few years have been tiny donkeys... but, cats are still my favourite..... even if I can't have them living here at my house...

love your tricolour hat!

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