November 29, 2010

Holy Cannoli Kittens! It's Time For SMITTENS

Itza not Black FurEyeDay anymore, itza not even Cyber Cat Meowvalous Monday but it IS the day that I'ma purrroud to tell you about SMITTENS - the fingerless mittens made in New Zealand. And theyza 100 PURRcent, datsa 100% natural New Zealand wool - no syntheticat stuff in the SMITTENS Mittens! Yur order izza custom crocheted purrsonally fur you -  - yep uh huh itza fur shure!

Pawsatively comfurtable and da natural New Zealand wool is super soft and washable!
Showing you the "Wrist Length" in Graphite color - $27.

"Forearm length" for extra warm arms when yur coat sleeve starts to rise like da tide.  I'ma showing Ballet Pink color here cuz itza springy color. $35. (this paw model needs da smaller SMITTENS - we can make it to fit)

Everybody needs da Basic Black -here's "Wrist Length", and SMITTENS can be custom made in either of the lengths. It's $27 for this style.

Raspberry izza yummy color. SMITTENS can be made fur the guys AND the gals.  Furiends has purrchased SMITTENS fur horse riding, sailing on da boat, walking in da snow, riding da bus and fur strutting around town to keep warm while theyza tap out da text meowsages on da fone.
SMITTENS are versatile fur shure!

I loves SMITTENS cuz theyza makes meowvalous meowster blankies! Purrfecto size fur me and myself!   And theyza can be made in abundacat colors!


Ordering SMITTENS the Fingerless Mittens is easy and not gonna cause a Hiss Fit!   Youza email me yur order with:

1) Chose the color of your choice
2) Selectacat yur style (Wrist or  Forearm length) and size (Small or Medium) 
3) Pay via PayPal  
4) My PayPal account is
5) Yur SMITTENS order arrives in about 2 weeks from New Zealand

Wishing you a warm nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty "the Smitten Kitten"

If youza got queshuns about ordering SMITTENS, you can pawmail me directacatically at my purrsonal pawmail:


Curly said...

These look very soft and comfurtable; purractical too!

GlamKitty said...

Dem smittenz makes fur sum fantasticatically cozee pawz, I bets! Gotta chooz a pair fur mah mommy, I do beleev, coz she'z alwayz got da cold pawz. Fanks fur da pawsome idea, Guido!
Luvz ya, Boomz (hijackin' "her" persona fur a minnit)

Daisy said...

Those look fashionable and cozy, too!

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