March 14, 2011

When You Feel Blue - Wear Green!

Statistacats say "more people want to be happy in March, to shake off the winter blues" so itza Catzowey to don the Green to get happy, especially this week - St. Patrick's Day week -  which makes the blues go arrividerci. I'ma not wearing any furesh green  EyeTailYun basil or my favorito organicatnip - just wearing da real EyeRish green stuff and gonna share with youza the 160th St Patrick's Day PURRRade in San Franfuncisco this weekend.  Hunker down with a Corned Beef, a platter of Irish Potatoes and dat crinkly cabbage stuff. Here we go into a Sea of Green and itza Bye Bye Blues!

Duz he know his momma is wearing lettuce on her head?

Gotta have doggone great EyeRish Wolfhounds at da EyeRish purrade or itza notta authenticat EyeRish purrade!

And all da EyeRish Firemen wazza over the Top Oh The Morning happy to sees me!

Even San Franfuncisco's finest Polizia stopped twaffic tooza show me his secret 007 secret microphone in dat EyeRish green flower! Shhh, dontcha tell anybody!

 Do youza believe in Magic? It wazza magical meowster ride in da Purrade with the Shriners whooza helps all the kids and plays da tooting trombones too. Mamma Mia I puckered uppa and blew dat horn!

Holy Cannoli & leaping leprechauns! Itza EyeRish kissing Mouse thinking I'ma Blarney Stone! 

 Green comes in many deeziner styles and sizes. Can you even sees  my CatOflauged self by dat littlest leprechaun? Do a double paw click on this foto andza smile!

 Thizza inky dinky leprachaun saluted me - nowza thatza fine feline manners!

Took my paws for a meowvalous visit to O' Meows Pub, or was it O'Double Dat Drink Pub, or, hmmmzatini was it O'Rise 'n Shine Pub? My memory cantza remember after dat big purrade, but I kicked my paws back enjoying Fishy n' Chippies and a few Tom Cat nip infused drinks. I'ma exhausticatted  but definicatically wishing youza very  happy St. Paddy's Day.  Hey ... this week everybody gotza some EyeRish genes in them - even me the Italian Kitty!!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Julia Williams said...

Guido -- you sure do get around, MOL. Looks like fun though!

ejckittylove said...

What a great time, Guido!! Wunnerful to see this thru yer Irish Eyes!! (Or was that matter!) Fun!!

Daisy said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Guido!

bearflat said...

Guido! i didant know dat yous was so talented! your mom really knos hows to help you put out a newsletter! i cans sees she luvs you soooooo much to spendy lotsa time on taking piccys and puttin' it togethers like dis don't tells her, but......shhhhhh, shes rilly funny! Hee...hee. pan you for adding me to your listsy. I lovesGuido!!!!!xoxoxoxo

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